Lindsay Lo-Down: A Good Day to Cry Hard

John Howard

It’s a big day as Lindsay Lohan’s criminal case—yeah, the one regarding her probation violation in which she crashed her Porsche on the PCH and lied about it—moves to trial. It seems that everyone involved is getting down to business about it, too. Well, except Lindsay.

Missed Connections: There appears to have been some drama with getting the former child star from point A to point B… Point A being JFK airport and point B being Los Angeles where she’s required to appear before a judge.

According to reports, Lindsay was supposed to fly back on Saturday, but decided to skip her first flight in order to go clubbing in NYC. She jumped on a plane Sunday, then had a meltdown, believing that the aircraft was leaking fuel and jumped off moments before it was airborne…

TMZ was tracking the drama with great pizzazz, reporting (or hoping) that there was a good chance that she’d miss her trial scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday. (The result of which would be a bench warrant for her arrest.) All reports have since been cleansed from the site.

Last-Ditch Effort: Apparently, Linds still has a couple favors she can pull, despite all the bridges she’s burned.

She scored a private jet to LAX via her energy drink endorser, Mr. Pink.

Early Monday morning she tweeted: “Thanks Mr. Pink for the private jet see you all in a few hours in LA.”

Stars in Stripes: Yes, for all those who hope to see Lindsay end up in the clink, you might just have a fighting chance.

According to TMZ, prosecutors plan to ask that the actress—who so far has been increasingly uncooperative in negotiations—be slammed with the maximum jail time: 240 days.

The action starts at 8:30 a.m.!