Lindsay Lo-Down: The Pregnant Refugee Pulls a Fast One

John Howard

It’s a marathon just keeping up with Lindsay Lohan’s shenanigans. We’re the Gatorade giving you that extra oomph, so you don’t get trampled. Here’s the latest…

Coming home… just kidding. According to E! News, the “Liz & Dick” actress has decided to camp out in South America indefinitely. Following her promotional run/vacay for her new gig with John John Denim in Brazil, Lindsay was reportedly on her way to São Paulo airport late Monday to return to NYC. Then she pulled a Lindsay and decided “nah” last minute…

“She’s staying on her own dime,” a source said, adding, “She is staying against everyone’s advice.”

On the contrary, Lindsay’s advice to Lindsay is to live it up!

Knocked up… just kidding. Lindsay sent a shockwave across the Internet and humanity as a whole on Monday when she tweeted: “It’s official. Pregnant…”

But, in the midst of the panic and fear-induced binge eating, some skeptics were quick to note Monday’s date was, in fact, April 1st. Putting our Twinkie sandwiches down, the planet’s population breathed a collective sigh of relief and nervously cackled at the lighthearted moment.

Well done, Lindz… You got us!

Late night TV… just kidding. The staggering, maybe-pregnant star has booked another gig! She’ll appear on the “Late Show With David Letterman” Tuesday, April 9, to promote her appearance on Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management.”

That is, until she changes her mind, a la Barbara Walters interview.

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