Lindsay LoDown: Cleans Up But Still Broke, Still Sloppy

John Howard

Hey, we haven’t checked in with Lindsay Lohan for a bit. Wonder what she’s up to…

She Cleans Up Well: Lindz showed up at charity event for Fashion Week in New York City looking surprising put together. She wore a white hooded fur jacket and a glittery gown.

Judging by her confident expression and pursed lips, she knew how good she looked. Even Woody Allen wanted a piece.

She’s Actually Still a Mess: Photos that the Daily Mirror posted on its site remind us of the beast that lies beneath. And it ain’t pretty.

Standing beside her mother, Dina, at LAX, she sports a Yankees flat brim, post-sex hair, MC Hammer pants, and the puffy eyes of someone coming down from a really amazing place. To her credit, TSA didn’t find anything when they searched her bag.

Now, you might be on the other end of this post yelling, “You’d look like this too after a cross-country flight!”

But, at least according to UK tabloid, these photo were take BEFORE the actual flight… yeah.

She Revealed What Keeps Her Sane: It’s family… Huh?

“You can’t get through anything without the family,” she told E! News. “Family is everything.”

No, Lindsay… That’s who keeps you manic. Maybe she didn’t understand the question?

She’s Living the Teenage Dream: According to the NY Daily News, Lindsay is living in the same bedroom at Dina’s Long Island house that she was sleeping in at the time of Freaky Friday.

A source said: “For the past three months that has been her home base.”