Lindsay Lohan Evicted From Her Beverly Hills House

John Howard
(Photo: Splash News)


Lindsay Lohan’s New Year’s resolution? Where do you start?

After reports that the spiraling actress was doing all she could to pay her $8,000-a-month rent on her latest Beverly Hills pad, we can now confirm that the actress was actually evicted from that house. 

A source that was scoping the nearby market tells Hollyscoop exclusively that their real estate agent let the news slip on a recent outing.

“I went house hunting in Beverly Hills and the realtor told me that she was shown a house and the realtor said that it was Lindsay’s last home,” the source says. “She had just recently left because she could no longer afford it.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard bad news coming from the direction of Lindsay’s pocketbook as of late, either. 

At the end of 2012 TMZ reported that the actress was “scraping together the money” in order to pay for the pricey rental. 

She began living in the mansion in February of 2012, around the time when she appeared to be back on her game, scoring roles in Lifetime’s reeking opus Liz & Dick, The Canyons, and an appearance in Scary Movie 5. But, by the end of the year, the funds from those paychecks somehow appeared to be drying up…

In December, as we previously reported, Lindsay’s bank account was seized by the IRS due to a $233,904 tax debt.

The desperate cries of Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, seem to only back reports of the money woes:

“Lindsay is losing all her belongings, with no resurrection of her career in sight,” Michael tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

LiLo’s dad is fuming at how his daughter’s situation has escalated, which he blames on—you guessed it—her sponging mother. 

“Maybe instead of checking into hotels and night clubs in London, mommy dearest and daughter should have checked into rehab together,” he says. “Lindsay is in for a rude awakening when she goes to court, but I still pray she goes to rehab, not jail!”

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