Lindsay Lohan to Write Tell-All Book

Matt Dekneef

We’ve all heard about Lindsay Lohan’s trials and tribulations with being Lindsay Lohan from every entertainment media outlet, but very soon you’ll be able to get her side of the story, straight from the source herself.

Lindsay is writing a tell-all book, according to her rep who told us, “we’re putting plans in place with regards to a personal memoir.”

TMZ learned that she and her literary agency Waxman Leavell just had a meeting in New York where it appears all plans to release the project are moving along accordingly.

It’s still in the nascent publishing stages, originating from journal entries the actress wrote while in rehab. Topics she’ll supposedly cover include being a child star, drug use, her famous relationships (e.g. Samantha Ronson), legal troubles, all those stints in rehab—all areas where Lindsay is something of an expert.

Lindsay is sober now, or she better be anyway after signing a $2 million sobriety contract with Oprah Winfrey, whose network OWN is filming LiLo for a documentary series chronicling her post-rehab life.

She’s stayed out of trouble, so hopefully pouring her energies into another project, like a book, will keep her clean.

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