LISTEN: Guy Fieri’s Leaked Mixtape Rips Into Anthony Bourdain

Justin Caffier
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

Food blog First We Feast is giving us all an early Christmas present. It seems they’ve unearthed a secret mixtape from none other than America’s favorite gourmand Guy Fieri.

The album, titled The Mayor of Flavortown, has a more impressive track list than most, with the likes of Drake, 50 Cent, and E-40 featured on songs.



All that’s been leaked so far is the album art, track list, and, most importantly, our first taste of Fieri’s lyrical prowess in the single “Donkey Sauce Flow." Its twangy beat is the foundation for Fieri to spit heat at all his naysayers, like food critic Pete Wells in a track titled “Foodie Fuccbois.”

Predictably, Fieri saves most of his frosted-tipped vitriol for his main rival, Anthony Bourdain.

Let me tell you ’bout a sh*t stain stuck to my shoe
Fan-thony Bourdain, this High Life’s for you
Got my name in his mouth like some gourmet ants
Thinking he’s Robuchon cuz he been in France
You’re a fan, a phony, a fake, a punk, a stan
I still whoop your ass and I got a better tan

Turns out, the guy who recently mass-officiated 101 gay weddings has a spicy side and can go from chili fries to no chill real quick.

We've yet to hear word to the contrary, so until this thing is exposed as a parody, we're going to go on believing it's the beautiful gem of authenticity we want it to be.

Listen to Fieri’s foodie version of “Charged Up” in its entirety below. Seriously.


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