Mark Hamill Shares His Heartbreaking ‘Star Wars’ Fanfiction

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Well, the Star Wars Celebration this weekend certainly was exciting. We got our first glimpse at The Last Jedi, and plenty of familiar Star Wars faces, both old and new, gave us unique insights into the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Among all of this though, one comment from Mark Hamill seems to resonate strongly with those who’ve been enjoying the blast-from-the-past panels of nostalgia and appreciation for older movies in the franchise.

When asked whether he was disappointed by interviewer Erik Davis that the new movies won’t ever feature a reunion for Luke, Han, and Leia, not only did Hamill express his disappointment at not getting to share in a wonderful moment with the three original heroes reunited, but he immediately launched into a lengthy description of his own fanfiction ending to The Force Awakens.



In Mark Hamill’s mind, the better way to end the movie would have been to have Leia contact Luke through the Force, and for them to both show up to come to Han Solo’s aid immediately before Kylo Ren (spoiler alert) stabs Harrison Ford’s character through the chest. This would provide an emotional reunion for the three characters, and would give more weight to Solo’s demise.

It’s hard to argue that the climax of The Force Awakens wouldn’t have been improved by having Luke Skywalker swoop in to attempt to save the day. Those who complain that Rey had too easy of a time fighting Kylo Ren could be satisfied by seeing Luke defeat Ben Solo instead, as if Rey can beat Kylo Ren without any training, The Last Jedi is going to have to work hard to make the movie’s baddie feel in any way threatening this time around.

But it’s clear that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has a few tricks up his sleeve, and that’s no doubt the reason why we didn’t get more Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens. Whatever’s on the horizon, it seems to feature a grizzled and broken Luke, who doesn’t believe in his own former vision of a rebuilt Jedi Order.

Here’s hoping that the upcoming movie delivers a payoff that makes up for not getting to see Luke and Han together again. At least Han’s one true life partner Chewbacca, will still be around to fill the void.

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