Mark Ruffalo Just Accidentally Pirated ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ via Livestream

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Oh, Mark Ruffalo. We love you, really we do.

Mark isn’t the most charismatic presence on-screen. That’s what makes us love him – he’s quiet, understated, and just a little awkward. You can definitely see him as the kind of guy who’s going to freak out one day and turn into a giant green angry ball of pent-up frustration.

Bless him, Mark hasn’t entirely mastered smartphone technology. It turns out he’s pretty good at livestreaming from his phone – if anything, he’s too good.

At a premiere event for the release of Thor: Ragnarok, Ruffalo took center stage for a little livestreaming, the better to let audiences around the world enjoy a few minutes of Jeff Goldblum pretending to be a fancy alien supervillain (are we sure he’s pretending?). Supposedly, he was in character, although in all fairness he was probably just being Jeff Goldblum – there’s probably not a lot of difference.

Jeff Goldblum
Source: Marvel

Then, as the showing of Thor: Ragnarok began, Mark slipped his phone back into his pocket – without remembering to end the livestream.

Cue ten full minutes of an online audience listening to the audio for Ragnarok, punctuated periodically by the sound of Mark Ruffalo laughing to himself at the movie’s many, many, many jokes.

It’s not clear whether Ruffalo eventually figured out that he was still streaming, or whether his phone simply gave up part-way through, but either way, there are about two thousand people around the world who’ve now heard the opening to this movie without having actually seen the visuals that go along with it.

Mark Ruffalo
Source: Marvel

The good news for Marvel is that these fans were all incredibly likely to go see the movie opening weekend anyway (why else tune into the premiere event?) so it probably won’t lose them any money.

Either way, Mark Ruffalo’s probably not in Marvel’s good books right now. But, then, as nobody else has quite brought the same understated sensitivity to Hulk, so they’re probably not going to stay mad at him for long.

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