McDonald’s Japan Introduces Hokkaido Melon-Flavored Milkshake

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: McDonald's)

Why do you tempt us, Japan?

It’s no secret that McDonald’s is better in other countries. Nobody seems to have a cooler selection of foods, though, than the Japanese, who regularly get Pork Katsu Burgers and other delicious meals that we won’t be getting Stateside any time soon.

Now though, just to rub our noses in their obvious superiority, Japanese McDonald’s customers can enjoy a brand new treat – the Hokkaido Melon McShake.

Source: McDonald's

Yep, that’s a milkshake that’s flavored like a sweet Hokkaido melon. It’s the kind of mouth-watering goodness that you just can’t get from a banana or chocolate flavored drink over here.

If you’re eager to hop onto a plane and hit up a Japanese McDonald’s for one of these unique milkshakes, bear in mind that they’ll go on sale tomorrow (March 17) and will initially be exclusive to Hokkaido, before being released in various other regions of the country.

According to RocketNews24, McDonald’s has claimed that their “target for the dessert beverage is to recreate the luxurious sensation of biting into a slice of melon that’s had rich, creamy milk poured over it”.

Dang it, McDonald’s of Japan. You’re seriously just trying to make us feel bad, aren’t you?

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