Meet Miss Golden Globe 2014 Sosie Bacon

Matt Dekneef

It’s been said before on 5,000 other media sites and we’ll say it for the 5,001 time…

We’re all getting one degree closer to Kevin Bacon.

The actor’s 21-year-old daughter, Sosie Bacon, was just named Miss Golden Globe 2014.

For most of the awards show’s history, the child of a well-known actor or actress assists during the Golden Globe telecast with awarding the recipients.

Sosie’s parents are thrilled that their daughter will be a part of the tradition.

“They were really excited for me,” Sosie told Hollyscoop. “They’ve always been so supportive of me in doing whatever I wanted. Not pushing me into this world, but always supporting decisions I want to make. So considering that I just decided that I wanted to be an actress, it was perfect timing. They were really happy for me.”

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony airs Sunday, January 12th.

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