Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne Share Sloppy Courtside Kiss

Matt Dekneef

“It” model Cara Delevingne brought a date to the Knicks game last night. Actress and human barrel of liquor Michelle Rodriguez accompanied the 21-year-old, front row and courtside, and Jesus Christ was it a sloppy affair. Just look at some of these photos from the game.

With alcohol and e-cigarettes at their sides at all times, the two seemed to have their eyes more on each other than the ball.

Their limbs also appeared to have minds of their own; Michelle was resting her leg on Cara’s thigh as she then proceeded to drunkenly slip into a woozy slumber. They also got very, very close as the evening progressed. The two shared a courtside kiss that fit perfectly with the rest of their sideline antics.

Cara eventually took their hangout to Instagram, posting a photo of Michelle (with both eyes open!) wearing one of her hats.

It was a who’s-who of celebs at the game, including director Spike Lee, Kellan Lutz, and boxer Miguel Cotto, but you wouldn’t even have noticed. Cara, and Michelle especially, definitely stole the spotlight from them. 

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