Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Break Up

Matt Dekneef

Do you have a tray of unrefrigerated cookie dough close by? Because we have some sob-worthy news to report and you’re going to need it: adorkable celebrity couple Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have decided to end their nearly year-long romance.

It’s true, they’ve split. They’ve broken up and in turn have broken our hearts.

Now would be the time to ingest the closest bag of carbohydrates within arms reach of you.

If there’s a silver lining to MiJa’s demise though, it’s that they ended things on good terms (also that the celebrity nickname I’m trying to make happen “MiJa” will now never take off).

While their height difference never made kissing during quaint walks through Greenwich Village possible, the long distance was more of an obstacle. Michelle lives in New York with her 7-year-old daughter Matilda and Jason lives in LA where the sitcom he works on is shot. This wasn’t a Sleepless in Seattle situation where distance made the heart grow fonder. In fact, it appears it just made the heart grow kind of tired and now they’re sort of just ready to put this relationship in a nap that lasts forever.

Hollyscoop reached out to their respective reps, but didn’t hear back in time for publication. We’ll just keep working on these unbaked cookies and eating all the feelings while we wait for all of you. WAHHH.

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