Miley Cyrus and the Sochi Dog Whisperer Are in Puppy Love

Madison Vanderberg

Miley Cyrus might have found her new boyfriend.

Two super hotties at the Sochi Winter Olympics have shamelessly asked Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus to be their Valentines.

Nick Goepper, the 19-year-old freestyle skier, posted this photo on Twitter in a bid to win Taylor Swift’s heart:

So then his teammate, 22-year-old Gus Kenworthy, posted this photo for Miley Cyrus:

You might know Gus Kenworthy as the guy adopting all the stray dogs in Sochi.

Anyways, Miley saw Gus’ pic and posted this on Twitter:


Because we know how much Miley loves puppies.


To read more about Taylor Swift’s Olympic Valentine and how the boys proposed, check out the rest of the story at Refinery29.

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