Miley Cyrus Continues to Get Wild Without Liam Hemsworth

Madison Vanderberg

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are so dunzo, it’s not even funny. Either that or Miley is 20 YEARS OLD and doing what all 20-year-olds do, which is PARTY. Except you can’t really be someone’s wife and also be twerking at Miami nightclubs with Lil Kim.

You kind of get one or the other, not both, but Miley thinks she can play housewife AND act like a ratchet and this is why everything in her life is an issue.

Over the weekend Miley partied in Miami with her best girl friends, her assistant Cheyne and NO Liam.

Liam was at home pumping gas while Miley was wearing crop tops, NOT her ring, and partying with Pharrell, Lil Kim, and Jennifer Hudson.

On Friday night, Miley went to Pharrell’s 40th birthday, where Miley was dressed like one half of Salt-N-Pepa and shoved her hands into her pockets so nobody could tell that she (probably) wasn’t wearing her ring.

The next night Miley was getting down on the dance floor with Lil Kim from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m.

In the photo, Miley is smoking a cigarette (indoors) while she twerking as her friends sit and point at her and her bodyguard stands about 2 inches from her and watches her booty pop. Weird.

Lil Kim tweeted that night: “My twerk team came out to show me love at cameo tonight. Miley Cyrus and Teana Taylor I love you guys.”

Meanwhile, Liam’s brother Chris and sister-in-law Elsa Pataky are trying to avoid answering any specific questions about Liam and Miley’s engagement and recently told E! News, “We just want them to live a happy life. We don’t want to get too much into their personal life; we just want them to be happy.”

Hmmm, if there were no problems in paradise, Chris and Elsa might have said something like, “we love them together, they are so cute.”

Instead, it’s almost like Chris and Elsa are hoping or praying that Liam and Miley turn out all right. 

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