Miley Cyrus Puts Her TaTas on Display

Matt Dekneef

Does anyone even know where #THUGLIFE ends and Miley Cyrus‘ Twitter account begins anymore? Let’s watch the pop star work her breed of Miley magic and blur the lines even more today.

In a sentence containing two names you and Billy Ray Cyrus never thought anyone would read in a single breath, Miley and Lil Kim shot a music video together recently. They even snapped a pic together and Miley stuck out her tongue like “wut?” because she’s young and wild and free and just Bein’ Miley.

Also included in this recent series are uploaded images of herself straight from the set, showing off her curves in a pair of bold striped pants, and posing with rapper Lil Mama. Yup, Lil Mama. Go ahead and YouTube her song “Lip Gloss,” then come back here and thank us later for reminding you of that killer track.

Anyway, of all those pics, the one with the most attitude, of course, is a selfie of the singer in a black crop top sporting some daring cleavage, most likely to overcompensate for all those episodes of “Hannah Montana” where she had to wear clothes from Juniors section of Wallmart and pretend she liked it. Now that her tween show’s been off the air for about three years, Miley is uncaged, and so are her t-shirts, apparently.

In that since deleted photo (aren’t they all?), the singer snarls at the camera while wearing some winged sunglasses and throwing up a peace sign.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the evolution of Miley Cyrus can be documented in the way she throws up that sign. Back in her Disney days, she used to give us a smiley peace the way any girl on “Toddlers and Tiaras” would—a big, broad smile with her fingers squeezed up against a chipmunk cheek. She did this a lot.

Go ahead, google image “Miley Cyrus peace sign” and see for yourself. There’s so much peace being thrown around on those page, it’s practically the United Nations over there.

Now compare those #throwbackthursdays to this single black and white photo up top. Please take note the peace sign, how Miley has it turned, palms facing forward, and slightly tilted. In the Anthropology of Former Child Stars course only entertainment bloggers are required to take, this here is a textbook example of star who’s now officially all grown up.