Miley Cyrus Spotted Kissing Benji Madden

Madison Vanderberg

Miley Cyrus’ has been partying for Halloween since Wednesday and apparently she’s irresistible to Hollywood men now because rumor has it she’s putting her tongue into things besides hammers now. Her latest victim beau is Benji Madden.

Photographers spotted them getting into a car together at the end of the night and despite the fact that Miley looked really good, (read, “not drunk”) she and Benji were allegedly posted up in the back of the car with open bottles of hard liquor.

Paparazzi at the club said they saw them kissing; however, how the paparazzi saw them kissing but didn’t get a photo of it is suspicious. To see the photos click here

In the past Benji has dated Paris Hilton and Holly Madison, so clearly, “of the moment” starlets are his “type.”

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