Miley Cyrus Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Is a Hypocrite

Madison Vanderberg

A few weeks ago Jennifer Lawrence minorly shaded Miley Cyrus when she was asked what she thought of sexy young stars (like Miley Cyrus) and Jen said, “young sex sells.

Well, Miley caught wind of that (about two weeks too late) and went OFF to a friend and that friend went and blabbed to HEAT magazine.

“Miley feels like Jennifer always tries to act like a feminist in all her interviews, but then poses in a revealing dress to promote her film. That seems so fake to her,” said the source. “Miley’s mad as hell. She thinks Jen is such a hypocrite, she basically wears nothing but body paint in X-Men, how is that not using sex to sell?”

Also, Miley has a personal dislike for Jen because Liam Hemsworth used to rave about Jen when he came home from filming with her.

“Liam kept telling Miley how great Jennifer was, so that got her back up, Then, when they met, Miley felt like Jennifer focused all her attention on Liam and made no effort with her,” added the source.

Uggh, teen drama, isn’t it the worst? Wait, they’re 21 and 23 years old and they still act like this? We give up.

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