Miley Cyrus Trash Talks Former Disney Days

Matt Dekneef

This was expected. Biting the hand that formerly fed her, Miley Cyrus throws some Mickey Mouse-sized amounts of shade at her former employer, the Disney Channel.

Quickly hanging up the laurels once worn by her former alter ego Hannah Montana, Miley told the Daily Star that her transformation wasn’t an intentional or conscious effort on her part. She just simply grew out of it and there was nothing the people at Disney could do to stop her, even if they really, really tried.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had to exorcise Hannah because I think people knew I was different from her in real life,” Miley said. “Most people on Disney act as if they are really like their characters but I never felt the need to do that. I never pretended I was good at what Disney writes.”

“They try to make someone not grow up but you can’t do that to real, normal people,” she added of the Disney Channel. “If I’m doing something I’m going to do it right but then once I’m away from it I’ll do it my way.”

Have you seen the “We Can’t Stop” video? She’s definitely doing things her own way.


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