Miley Cyrus Using Kellan Lutz to Get Back at Liam Hemsworth

Madison Vanderberg

What’s really going on with Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz? The tabloids say they are hooking up but Kellan is doing everything in his power to make sure nobody thinks they are an item.

So which is it?

Well, Miley and Kellan have definitely hooked up at least once, and Miley orchestrated the whole thing to, wait for it, make Liam Hemsworth jealous.

“Kellan decided to stop hanging out with Miley when it became apparent to him that the only reason she was doing this was to get back at Liam. He just got out of a relationship and was never interested in getting into anything with her. They have known each other for a long time and they met through Liam,” a source close to Kellan told Hollyscoop.

The two were first spotted together a couple of weeks ago when they were seen getting off the same private jet after vacationing in the Bahamas. The rumor mill lost its mind and rightly so, Miley orchestrated the whole trip to the Bahamas to get closer to Kellan.

“When she asked him to go to the Bahamas with her and her friends it was because she told him it would help him get over his ex. He didn’t know when he went that she wanted to hookup,” added the source.

Apparently Kellan resisted Miley’s feminine wiles because he was busy promoting his new movie The Legend of Hercules and didn’t want to get caught up in tabloid drama.

However, they did party together in Vegas around New Year’s Eve and according to our source, spent the night together. Afterwards Miley reportedly texted Liam “How does it feel?”

Liam told Kellan about the text and because they are such good friends, Kellan has now decided to end things with Miley for Liam’s sake and “because he doesn’t have time for these games right now.”

We have a hunch we won’t be seeing much more Kellan/Miley drama. 

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