Miley Resurfaces With Blue Hair

John Howard

So… Ever wonder what Miley Cyrus has been up to since we last checked in? Apparently, she was dying her hair. And looking CRAZY.

The songstress and professional tweeter re-surfaced on Friday rocking a messy, ungelled version of her haircut. Oh, and it was freakin’ BLUE!

Responding to the hair hate, Miley tweeted: “My hurrr ain’t blue. That s–ts PLATINUM.”

Call it what you want, Miley, but on our end those locks look blue. Or, more specifically, as E! put it, “steel-blue.” Like the color that goth kid in your high school english class showed up with one day.

Aside from the do-debacle happening on top of her dome, Miley seemed mostly put together following a streak of her acting extremely unusual…

With the whole Liam Hemsworth/January Jones drama going down simultaneously, it had us concerned for the betrothed couple.

But, in the photo she sported her engagement ring and had her abs out, per usual. Also, she’s back to tweeting up a storm lately, which is a relief after she went incommunicado from social media for a brief stint.

So, for now, we’ll change our take from: “Something is up. Something is seriously up.” to: “Something may be up. Something seriously may be up.”

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