Miley vs. Taylor: Battle of the July 4th Parties

Madison Vanderberg
(Photo: Instagram)

Over the weekend we had the task of deciding whether we wanted to go to Miley Cyrus’ or Taylor Swift’s Independence Day parties. We were not invited to either.


Miley Cyrus threw a backyard pool party at her Hollywood Hills home.


Taylor Swift invited everyone to her Rhode Island beachside mansion.


Miley’s party was full of her typical obnoxious debauchery.


Taylor’s party was full of Lena Dunham, Jessica Szohr, Jaime King, Ingrid Michaelson, AND Emma Stone.


At Miley’s party, everyone stood around in weird outfits.


At Taylor’s party, they put on J.Crew ensembles and got on a boat.


These were Miley’s guests.


These were Taylor’s guests.


At Miley’s party, they put in fake teeth and drank beer.


At Taylor’s party, they all ran into the ocean.


Miley had these girls.


Taylor had a Slip ‘N Slide.


Miley had two dudes passed out on lounge chairs.


Taylor had these chicks sunbathing by the pool.


Miley had July 4th themed jewelry.


Taylor had July 4th themed cakes.



So, which party do you want to go to?

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