Most Bizarre Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Rumors

Madison Vanderberg
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Earlier today, there were reports that Robert Pattinson’s sisters were trying to get him to leave Kristen Stewart, so Rob gave his family an ultimatum. Either they stop hating on Kristen or he’s gonna…well, he didn’t say what he was gonna do, but basically, he’s siding with Kristen.

Either way, I don’t believe it. Is Rob’s family really on some anti-Kristen campaign? Doubt it. In honor of stories we don’t believe about RPatz and KStew, here are the most ridiculous Rob and Kristen rumors over the years. 

1)   Rob Is Sexting With Rihanna: Right after Kristen cheated on Rob, there was a moment when we all assumed that Rob and Kristen were single. So Rihanna reportedly got Rob’s number and was sending him flirty texts to “cheer him up.” Yah, well Rihanna shot down that rumor months later, saying “[it’s] the most bulls**t ever.”

2)   Rob and Kristen Got Engaged NYE 2012: There are a ton of rumors swirling that Rob and Kristen got secretly engaged over the NYE holiday while on a romantic getaway to the Isle of Wight.  This “engagement” rumor happens about once every couple of months, it’s what the lesser tabloids print when they’ve ran out of stories. While we can’t confirm they AREN’T engaged this time around, is claiming the report is false.

3)   Kristen Stewart Is Pregnant: Just like the engagement rumors, Kristen Stewart is constantly rumored to be knocked up. But most recently AKA November 2012 Kristen reportedly told The Daily Mirror, that she wanted to have a kid with “Rob’s eyes.” Uhh, I know how you can achieve that…

4)   Rob Cheating On Kristen With Emma Watson: Back in 2010, Kristen was reportedly terrified that Rob would cheat on her with Emma Watson. Apparently both Rob and Kristen have wandering eyes for Brits. The only truth to this story was…nothing.

5)   Kristen Cheated With Rob’s BFF: There were rumors that Kristen was cheating with her On The Road co-star Tom Sturridge, who also happens to be one of Rob’s best friends. Totally un-true, Tom, KStew and RPatz are all just good friends. And Tom just had a baby with girlfriend Sienna Miller.

6)   Rob was hooking up with Emilie de Ravin: Emilie de Who? Rob was reportedly hooking up with his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin while they shot the movie. Actual cheating or rumored-cheating, it’s gonna take more than a wandering eye to break Rob and Kristen up!

7)   Rob hooked up with Reese Witherspoon: Hahhahahahah. Ok no.