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Aggretsuko Most Metal Moments Ever

Aggretsuko Most Metal Moments Ever May 18, 2018

most metal moments in aggretsuko

    What are the most metal moments in Aggretsuko‘s first season on Netflix?

    On April 20th, a new adorably hardcore anime series came out on Netflix, and we’ve broken down the most metal moments in Aggretsuko. The title character is a 25-year-old accountant in Japan. But in her spare time, she sings private death metal karaoke to channel her deep inner rage. So it’s a fun twist on the cutesy Hello Kitty formula. And as Retsuko deals with her rude boss, her weird friends, and her office crush, you get a real sense of why she needs to blow off steam. The music is killer, and the animation is awesome as well. So raise those metal horns and check out the most metal moments from the first season of Aggretsuko.

    Twisted Ankle

    aggretsuko most metal
    IMAGE BY: Netflix

    Retsuko the red panda is just starting her new job as an accountant. She’s bright-eyed and optimistic about the future, even looking forward to work. But she isn’t expecting what happens next. As she comes to the bottom of a flight of stairs, she twists her ankle. Yeowch! After a moment’s pause, the word “RAGE!” pops up on the screen, and Retsuko goes full metal. It’s an awesome opening to the show.