With Movies Like ‘Logan Lucky’ on the Way, Should Daniel Craig Really Bother Returning as Bond?

Matthew Loffhagen
Bleecker Street
(Photo: Bleecker Street)

If you’ve seen anything of Logan Lucky, you’ll know that it looks absolutely insane.

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver play a pair of down-on-their-luck brothers who stage an elaborate bank heist, thanks to a very flamboyant convict, played by Daniel Craig, who is putting on a terrible – yet utterly hilarious – Southern accent.

Until Craig turns up in the trailers, you could be mistaken for thinking that this is just another dumb crime movie. We get a few of these a year, and they’re never much to write home about.

But then, there’s the guy who plays James Bond, having what looks like the most fun he must have had in years, relishing an opportunity to show off his comedic chops by playing a weird and wacky character that’s so very far away from his most famous role.

It’s interesting, then, that just in time for Logan Lucky to arrive in theaters, reports have started to surface that Craig is to return as James Bond for another outing.

Sony has been pushing this for a while, and even though Craig has been very upfront about hating the process of making a Bond movie (most particularly, it seems, the promotional period with endless dull interviews), as he’s contracted for at least one more movie, it’s not a huge surprise.

Similarly, there’s talk of this upcoming movie – which may also have Adele back, writing another theme song that will no doubt win a bunch of Grammies – spawning a shared universe of spy movies, which is also not surprising, as Sony’s really feeling the heat for not having developed something along these lines already.

While Daniel Craig has done a fantastic job as James Bond, it’s hard to see this as a wise step in his career. The movie is scheduled, and Craig is contracted to appear, so he’ll have to do it whether he likes it or not, but Logan Lucky provides another alternative avenue for Craig to develop his acting chops.

It’d be a lot of fun to see Craig in some more comedic roles, rather than playing his overly grumpy version of Bond yet again. Logan Lucky provides the perfect antidote to typecasting for the actor, as it shows just how far his range stretches.

On the other hand, a Bond movie will bring Craig a lot of money, which he can use to keep himself comfortable for a long time while pursuing more passion projects and taking riskier roles.

Perhaps the actor feels that it’s worth sucking up the hit to his pride to make another Bond movie, in order to be able to focus on more weird and wonderful roles in the future. Or, maybe his protests at the entire Bond series were a shrewd ploy to negotiate for more money as he returns.

Either way, it’s kind of a shame that we’ll be getting more Bond, which we’ve seen from Craig many times in the past, rather than the actor having more time to make new, unorthodox movies that show off just how weird he can be in the right setting.

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