Why Ken Watanabe Should Play a Meowth in the “Detective Pikachu” Movie

Matthew Loffhagen
Warner Bros
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Ken “Let Them Fight” Watanabe of “Godzilla” and “Inception” fame has joined the cast of “Detective Pikachu”, in a move that further supports the internet’s prevailing theory that this movie is way too star-studded for what is essentially a Sherlock Holmes rip-off starring a cartoon mouse.

“Basil the Great Mouse Detective” didn’t have half as many big name stars, that that was made by Disney!

Watanabe will be playing a character thus far known only as Detective Yoshida. At present, we know nothing else concrete about the character, but some speculate that he would be an antagonist or rival to Ryan Reynolds’ titular Pikachu.

Naturally, therefore, we have to all collectively hope that Detective Yoshida will turn out to be a Meowth.

After all, what’s the balance of humans to Pokémon in this bizzaro world? Are Pokémon usually employed in law enforcement roles, beyond the occasional Growlithe?

Pikachu and Meowth
Source: 4Kids

Presumably, if Pikachu can be a detective, then other Pokémon can investigate crimes as well. If this is commonplace, Pikachu needs a rival or arch-enemy to do mental battle against, and it’s logical that this should be a Meowth, following the classic “Pokémon” animation formula.

So who do we get to voice Meowth? Alas, the great Maddie Blaustein, who performed the role of Meowth throughout your childhood, has unfortunately passed away.

Instead, we’re going to need someone who can bring a totally different performance to the role. Instead of a down-and-out street cat turned crookster, the movie should have a gruff, no-nonsense detective who’s tired of Ryan Reynolds messing up his crime scenes.

Admittedly, Ken Watanabe’s thick Japanese accent doesn’t necessarily do him any favors as a voice actor, but it also means that he can dub the character for the movie’s inevitable high-profile  Japanese release.

Heck, this idea is a million times better than Dennis Hopper as King Koopa, and somehow the “Mario Bros” movie made that happen!

Ken Watanabe should be Meowth. He should also do motion capture for the role, and there should be a special cut of the film that just uses this footage unedited so he’s crouched down on his knees in a body suit, pretending to be a cat.

Best. Movie. Ever.