Nathan Fillion’s Cop Drama “The Rookie” Teaser is Hard to Take Seriously

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: ABC)

Well, the teaser for Nathan Fillion’s new show “The Rookie” is here.

To my complete surprise, it seems like this show is actually meant to be serious. I just assumed that at this point in his career, Fillion was more interested in playing the fool than trying to present himself as a serious dramatic actor.

Yet, here we are, with a new show where Fillion is trying really, really hard to channel his own performance as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in “Firefly”. Albeit, a Mal Reynolds that’s having a mid-life crisis.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this short teaser makes “The Rookie” look a lot better than the idea initially sounds. This is a show made by the showrunner for “Castle”, in which Fillion’s character will date a woman half his age. On paper, this sounds like fantasy fulfilment for the actor at the heart of the project, as he makes a successor to his most recent show.

“The Rookie” doesn’t initially look like this, but I’m a bit too jaded to take the clip at face value.

The Wrong “Castle” Star

Nathan Fillion is, by this point, so well known as a goofball that I suspect the show itself will pay lip service to drama, while actually just being quirky fun.

I watched “Castle” to the end. I know that this particular routine ran out of steam about two years before the show wrapped.

I’m not in a hurry to sit through this again.

The Rookie Nathan Fillion
Source: ABC

This all gets more complicated when you remember that there was initially going to be a ninth season of “Castle”, in which Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett was to be killed off so that Fillion could have fun without her.

Scuttlebutt has it that there was a big falling out between Fillion and Katic which fueled the demise of the show, and now “The Rookie” just seems like an opportunity for “Castle” 2.0.

I’ll be very happy if Nathan Fillion proves me wrong, and if “The Rookie” turns out to be incredibly watchable.

For now, though, I’m wondering why Fillion gets a chance to try and reinvent himself in this series, while Stana Katic gets no such opportunity.

Give me a Kate Beckett TV series! That’d be way better than watching Nathan Fillion trying really hard to look serious while holding a toy gun.