Nathan Fillion’s “Uncharted” Fan Film Might Be the Best Video Game Movie Ever

Matthew Loffhagen
YouTube/Allan Ungar
(Photo: YouTube/Allan Ungar)

Well, it’s time to admit that I was wrong. Last week I droned on at length about Nathan Fillion and his potential role as Nathan Drake in the upcoming “Uncharted” movie.

I worried that Fillion would be too old for the role. Considering that Tom Holland has already been cast as young Nathan Drake, I thought that Fillion might be better suited to a role as the main character’s father instead.

Turns out I was wrong. Fillion most certainly can still play a young(ish) Nathan Drake. This is made very clear in the “Uncharted” fan film that features Fillion in the starring role.

It turns out that the actor wasn’t teasing an announcement for the official “Uncharted” movie after all. He’d instead got together with director Allan Ungar to make a fan film based on the video game series.

Despite my hesitations, this definitely works.

It seems that Fillion has slimmed down after his last few seasons of “Castle”, and he’s gotten in far better shape. There’s a few moments where it’s clear that he’s been switched out with a stunt double, but I’m impressed at just how much of this he’s done himself.

I’m also impressed at the movie as a whole. The production value is a little lacking at times due to its fan film budget, but that’s hardly something that can be held against the movie.

Cinematic Gaming Done Right

What is genuinely impressive is how the action is set out so that it captures the experience of playing an “Uncharted” game, right down to the cover-based shooting, without it ever feeling dull.

The brisk pace of this fifteen minute movie probably helps, but either way, this is quite an achievement. Video game movies are traditionally very hard to get right, and Ungar has really managed something wonderful here.

Some people are hoping that this short film will spearhead the creation of a feature length movie with the same actors and production team. They’re hoping for “Uncharted” to be the new “Deadpool”.

I doubt this will happen. Sony Pictures is already committed to a very different kind of “Uncharted” movie, with Tom Holland playing a younger version of Nathan Drake.

Nathan Fillion Uncharted Fan Film
Source: YouTube/Allan Ungar

If anything, this new “Uncharted” fan film is bad news for the official movie, as it steals some of the project’s inevitable thunder.

We’ll have to wait and see if we ever get a big Hollywood blockbuster based on the “Uncharted” franchise. One thing is certain, though: I’m now convinced that this hypothetical movie could be the best video game film ever.

I’m also convinced that maybe Nathan Fillion still has the chops to play an action hero in the modern era. Bring on “Serenity 2”!