Netflix Developed Socks so That You Can Be Better at Binge Watching

Logan Rapp
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

We've all done it—ending the night with our laptops in bed, watching another season of Arrow until we pass out completely. But we tell ourselves we'll remember where we left off, which of course we never do, and end up having to rewatch episodes trying to reconstruct our memory.

Netflix knows this. Because Netflix knows all. And they developed a better way to do it. With socks. Netflix socks. That's right. These specially designed socks will read your body to know when you are actually asleep, and then it'll pause the binge right around the time you pass out.


Not only is Netflix developing a prototype, they're encouraging you to make your own by putting up some completely workable plans online. Want super warm Christmas socks for your holiday vacation binge? Check.

The sleep-detection system is based off of “actigraphy,” which senses when you've stopped moving for a while. An LED will blink a warning, so if you're awake, all you need to do is move a bit and it won't pause. But if you're asleep, then you presumably won't move and the socks will pause the stream.

This has come in just in time for Christmas vacation. Want to finally get Twin Peaks down, but don't want to risk missing key moments? Socks. Been burning through Lost? Socks.

Take a look at the video below and watch the magic happen.