Netflix Is Exploring Price Hikes, Comments on Weekend Pricing Plan Rumors

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

The problem with drug dealers is that they’re always eager to hike up the price once they’ve got their customers hooked.

If your drug of choice is Netflix, firstly, congratulations for avoiding more dangerous habits, and secondly, beware – your bingewatching overlords may be about to start wringing you for every spare penny you have.

According to various reports, Netflix is currently testing a more expensive price in some areas of Australia. Presumably, if these tests go well (in other words, if customers keep paying for Netflix’s services), the rest of the world could also see the cost of Netflix increase as well.

There are some rumors bouncing around concerning this price hike that Netflix has personally addressed. Some fans of the platform had begun to worry amid reports that part of these Australian tests involved customers having to pay a premium price for streaming during busy periods over the weekend.

Source: Netflix

According to a press release from Netflix itself, this isn’t the case – it’s merely the result of miscommunication, as customers were greeted with a price increase over the weekend, and didn’t quite understand what they were looking at.

Currently, Netflix is looking at putting all of its plans up by a mere three Australian dollars a month, and is only testing this in a single market that’s already very expensive when it comes to media costs. So there’s no way of knowing whether this could affect customers in other countries over time as the company collects more data.

That said, it’s worth keeping an eye on this. If Netflix thinks they can get a couple more bucks off you a month, they’re totally going to jack up the price of your favorite addictive content.

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