Netflix’s “Lost in Space” Reboot Sounds Good, But A Little Too Much Like “Lost”

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

According to the first few reviews for Netflix’s new “Lost in Space” reboot, the show is fairly solid.

Apparently, the show is good, decent science fiction drama, which looks gorgeous, and sets up some interesting plot points for the future.

There’s one overriding theme in many of these early reviews, though: apparently, the new “Lost in Space” is actually more like “Lost” than the campy ‘60s sci-fi show it’s meant to be based upon.

According to TV Line:

“Imagine a group of individuals — some who, flashbacks reveal, aren’t what they seem — uniting to survive after being mysteriously stranded in a strange world….

“Yes, Netflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ is almost as much a reworking of ABC’s ‘Lost’ as it is a spiffy reboot of the 1960s series that made ‘Danger, Will Robinson!’ part of the classic-TV lexicon.”

At this point, alarm bells begin to sound in the heads of anyone who saw “Lost” through to its conclusion.

Certainly, “Lost” is a far cry from the colorful family comedy of the original “Lost in Space”, and this new show doesn’t seem interested in being as cute and silly as the classic series. This is a disappointment for those who could really use some more “The Orville” style levity on modern TV, but there is a greater concern at the “Lost” comparisons.

Lost in Space Netflix
Source: Netflix

The problem with the “Lost” formula is that it’s too wrapped up in Mystery Boxes, which bring temporary excitement and enthusiasm from audiences, despite often ultimately proving to be meaningless. Welcome to the clickbait of TV storytelling.

Certainly this seems to reflect in many of the early reviews for the show, with some picking up on the fact that a lot of the plot threads seem to be left dangling deliberately.

It makes sense that Netflix would appreciate a TV show that uses this formula – it’s easy to encourage binge watching when there’s always another mystery to solve.

New Lost in Space
Source: Netflix

With so much of the show rooted in an attempt to keep audiences guessing, the real mystery that remains to be solved is whether any of these plot contrivances will actually feel satisfying once all is said and done.

This kind of storytelling will always help a show to review well at first – critics have only been given the first five episodes of the show at this point, so we have no way of knowing if “Lost in Space” will stick the landing.

Danger Will Robinson, indeed!