New ‘Aquaman’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows Jason Momoa Sword-Fighting

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Okay people, let’s face it.

The DCEU is not in a good condition.

The Flash can’t keep a director for more than eight minutes, and it looks like The Batman is running into the same problem.

The studio is trying desperately to hype Justice League, but after Batman v Superman, none but the most enthusiastic fans are willing to trust Zack Snyder’s bizarre approach to narrative.

Meanwhile, rumors continue to claim that Wonder Woman is nothing to write home about, although in all fairness this might just be a reflection of the negative public mood with regards to previous DCEU films.

In the midst of all this, there remains one film which fans are actually, authentically excited for, and somehow, it’s about the lamest Justice League member.

At this point it almost seems like DC’s entire game plan with their cinematic universe is to build up Aquaman as a popular character, even if it means destroying the reputation of everyone else in order to achieve it.

A large part of the excitement that surrounds the Aquaman movie comes from the casting of Jason Momoa, a fantastic actor who is simply just about as cool as it’s possible to be.

Now, a short video of Momoa rehearsing for Aquaman, which is soon to begin filming in Australia, shows the kind of action we can expect from the movie.



It seems that we’ll be getting an exciting weapons-based fight scenes in this movie, and from the looks of the video, this will be inspired by Japanese katana battles rather than traditional Western fighting styles.

This all makes Aquaman look more appealing, especially considering the kind of ideas that director James Wan could be working on with this film.

Of course, if there’s one thing the DCEU has achieved thus far, it’s compelling melee fight scenes, so there’s no danger of this turning out poorly.

The bigger challenge for DC is making sure that the story an characterization in Aquaman  doesn’t end up confusing or annoying audiences, as has happened with all movies in the saga thus far.

If Wan can crack this difficult challenge, there might just be a chance that Aquaman will be the standout critics-pleaser that the DCEU desperately needs.

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