New Details on Kristen Stewart’s Spontaneous Tattoo Trip

Madison Vanderberg

Earlier today the Internet found out about Kristen Stewart’s new tattoo. Apparently it’s a tiny red something. No seriously, there is no photo clear enough to see what kind of tat Kristen actually got, but it’s red and small and on her wrist.

Other than that, a staff member at Pride and Glory tattoo parlor dished to Hollyscoop all about Kristen and her awesome friends, how she was in the greatest mood of her life, and how she knew exactly what she wanted when she went in for the ink.

When Kristen came into the shop, apparently she told the staff, “she wanted to do something spontaneous with her best friends” as a “bonding experience.”

When the tattoo artist started to inquire about the permanent ink, Kristen reportedly “did not say what the tattoo meant, although I could tell it had some sort of significance because she knew exactly what she wanted.”

Also, is it just us or does KStew seem especially happy in photos since her breakup? During her cross-country road trip, she’s posed for photos at Hooters and Coyote Ugly bars and apparently she was super spirited at the tattoo shop as well.

“She was in such a good mood. Laughing and giggling non-stop. [Kristen and her friends] were all super awesome people and could tell that they have known each other for a long time,” adds the staffer. 

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