New Evidence That Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split

Madison Vanderberg

It’s starting to look really bad for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. All signs, literally all signs, point towards a breakup.

Miley went to a party last night, without her ring, with one of Liam’s friends and Liam reportedly ran off to Australia to clear his head or hang out with Robert Pattinson, we’re not sure, either way…Miley and Liam aren’t looking too solid.

In easy bullet form, here’s all the new evidence as to why Liam and Miley might have called time on their would-be-fairtytale-romance.

1)   Miley Parties with Liam’s Pal: Miley and Liam’s mutual friend Paul Khoury went to a house party in North Hollywood together last night. It’s not super weird that Miley hangs out with dudes, but haven’t you ever heard of the bride cheating with the groom’s best friend!? It’s kind of a thing! Turn on the “Lifetime” network!

2)   Miley Goes without Ring Again!: Miley went to the party sans engagement ring. And it’s not like she had a bare hand, she wore those two bands on her ring finger that she always wears, so how hard would it have been to keep her engagement ring on, or wear IT instead? She also stepped out two nights ago without her ring. The last time she was actually spotted wearing the engagement ring was March 1.

3)   Liam Heads to Australia: Liam flew back home to Australia “so they could take a break,” but the source adds that it isn’t a split because “Miley says they are still together.” Either way Liam left the country and it wasn’t to film a movie.

4)   The Maybe-Affair with January Jones: Liam was spotted leaving an Oscars party with January Jones but was also rumored to have flirted with Emma Watson inside the party, which we totally believe on both counts. A source says he and January, “used to go clubbing together in LA. They have been friends for a while.” That doesn’t even make sense, January is over a decade older than him. When were they clubbing? When he was 16!?

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