New “Solo” Trailer Proves That What We Really Need is a Lando Movie

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

It’s probably not a particularly controversial opinion to state that Donald Glover as Lando looks like the best part of the upcoming Han Solo movie.

Nevertheless, I feel like it bears repeating, especially as a very cool new TV spot for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” proves just how perfect Glover is in his role as everyone’s favorite scoundrel.

Just look at that! Glover is nailing this. He’s suave, cool, and utterly charming. Even with such a short little sneak peek at the movie, it’s hard to argue that this new version of Lando is heart-flutteringly charismatic.

What I like about this is how Baby Lando both feels just like Classic Lando, but also has his own little quirks. This is a more confident, carefree Lando. He’s not burdened by responsibility, or by a shady deal with the Empire. He’s young and reckless, and he’s having fun.

Yes sir, it’s plain to see that Donald Glover as Lando is going to be one of the big reasons to see “Solo”. Based on this performance alone, I’d wager that a lot of people are going to go see this film, even if they’d otherwise prefer to skip it.

And then there’s Alden Ehrenreich.

The Problem With Solo

I’m not the kind of person who believes idle rumors. Especially when they perfectly match up with the plot of a Coen Brothers movie.

Nevertheless, speculation abounds, with reports claiming that Ehrenreich has required acting lessons on the set of “Solo”. According to some rumors, Ehrenreich was unable to keep up with the improv-heavy filmmaking under the direction of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, which is part of the reason why the pair were fired.

I don’t know how much I’m willing to believe any of that, but considering Ehrenreich’s wooden performance in this trailer, I can understand how rumors might start.

He just seems so uncomfortable. His dialogue delivery is so stunted.

Alden Ehrenreich
Source: Lucasfilm

Sure, he’s trying very hard to live up to phenomenal expectations, and no matter what he does, he’s never going to be able to win over the most stalwart of Harrison Ford fans.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but be suspicious that Ehrenreich might well prove to be the new Hayden Christensen. In order words, an actor with some potential, who fails to live up to the important “Star Wars” mantle that’s been placed upon him.

I’m probably being too harsh, and I’m fully willing to eat my words if Ehrenreich’s performance in “Solo” is spectacular.

Right now, though, I’m definitely Team Lando. If we ever get another of these “Star Wars” Anthology movies (which I doubt), here’s hoping it’ll be about Donald Glover’s character, rather than Han and Chewie.