New ‘Stranger Things’ Photos Tease Will’s Breakdown and a New Female Character

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

It’s frustrating to think that season two of Stranger Things is still seven months away.

An entire summer movie season will come and go before we get more adventures with Will Byers and the Hawkins gang, and before, crucially, we get answers as to what was going on in the Super Bowl teaser trailer.

To make things worse, the initial sneak peek at the new season appears to have opened the floodgates, as Netflix has not released several brand new photos from the upcoming episodes.

Source: Netflix

In these photos, we see a lot of Will, who seems not to be doing too well after his time spent in the Upside Down.

What’s more, we finally get a glimpse at a new character that will be introduced in the show’s second season. According to Variety, this is Max, a girl who “has a complex and suspicious past”.

This is just enough information to be a real tease, especially considering we won’t be learning more about Stranger Things and the new characters for quite a while.

Source: Netflix

It’s probably worth not getting too excited about Stranger Things 2 if you can in any way avoid it. Part of what made the first season so exciting was that it wasn’t on anyone’s radar, and arrived as last summer’s sleeper hit, giving us something to watch when we weren’t running around outside catching Pokémon.

Obsessing too much over these sneak peeks will only serve to make the wait feel longer.

That said, for those who enjoy fan theories, there are plenty bouncing around the internet – the wait for season two is, in some ways, an extension of the show itself, as fans attempt to solve the new season’s puzzles before they’ve even been revealed.

Be careful with this approach to Stranger Things, though – you never know how deep the rabbit hole might go.

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