The New Trailer for ‘Life’ Contains Footage Stolen From ‘Spider-Man 3’

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Sony)

Okay, so you’re making a trailer for the upcoming Alien rip-off, Life.

But with Alien: Covenant poised to steal your thunder, you need to find a way to differentiate your spaceship survival horror movie from the big daddy of the genre.

So what do you do? Splice in some footage from the worst Spider-Man movie, of course.

(Note: that’s the worst Spider-Man movie, not the worst Amazing Spider-Man movie – that’s an entirely different category, and even a colorful jazz dance scene is better than anything in ASM2.)




One eagle-eyed Redditor made a post noting that a reaction shot from a crowd of humans on Earth, as seen in a recent new TV spot for the movie, has actually been lifted from Spider-Man 3.




The shots aren’t a perfect match, so it’s likely that this particular shot wasn’t used in the final edit for the Tobey Maguire movie, but these two images are so similar that there’s no way this is just a coincidence.

What’s really weird, though, is how out of place the footage is within the trailer in the first place. Literally ever other shot takes place in space, with a single second’s establishing shot of New York providing the only contextual clue as to why these people, who are staring awkwardly at Spider-Man, are even relative to the trailer as a whole.


Unless, of course, you think hard about the plot of Life, as communicated in this trailer, where a gooey alien monster is attaching itself onto human hosts in order to kill things.

Which, Topher Grace fans will remember, is also the plot of Spider-Man 3.

There’s a logical conclusion for Sony reusing this footage after all. Life is set within the Sam Raimi Spider-Man universe.

Mind blown.

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