New Trailer Proves “Nightflyers” is Too Scary to be “Game of Thrones” in Space

Matthew Loffhagen
Nightflyers Trailer
(Photo: Nightflyers Trailer)

It’s easy to get the wrong idea with “Nightflyers”. A sci-fi novel from George RR Martin, you could be excused for thinking it’s simply “Game of Thrones” in space.

George RR Martin wrote “Game of Thrones”, right? So surely his other work explores similar themes?

Turns out, nope. Whatever the content of the new show based on the “Nightflyers” novel, SyFy is actively promoting it as a terrifying outer space horror story.

I’m glad the creators of “Nightflyers” have resisted the urge to Thronesify the source material for the new show. The temptation must have been strong to soften a lot of the book’s horror elements in order to create a more palatable series for fans of the more popular George RR Martin story.

This being the case, I get the feeling that the audience for “Nightflyers” is going to be limited. Not everyone is particularly big on sci-fi horror, especially considering how crowded this genre has become in recent years.

More Than A Cliché?

There’s not much on display in the trailer that makes it look any different to “Life” or “Alien: Covenant”; two similar sci-fi body horror films from last year. Perhaps there’s a bit of “IT” thrown into the mix, but beyond that, this teaser is currently very barebones.

In fairness, the original novel does bear a lot of similarity to the original “Alien”, and considering that the novel debuted just a year after the release of the seminal horror movie, this isn’t too surprising.

At the same time, nobody simply wants to see a rehash of familiar tropes, and I do hope that there’s enough in this new show to make it feel like it stands on its own.

Source: SyFy

Before long we’ll likely get a more complete look at “Nightflyers” in all its gruesome glory. At that time, it’ll likely be easier to see what makes this adaptation unique.

Presumably, there’s more going on here than simply a regurgitation of the space horror tropes we’ve all seen before. I trust that, with the source material they’re working from, the creators of this series can make something very special.

It won’t be “Game of Thrones” 2.0, but then, it was never meant to be that kind of show.

Either way, I look forward to seeing more, and I’m interested to see what direction “Nightflyers” goes in when it finally debuts.