A New “Avengers 4” Actor Could Be The Best Superhero From Ant Man Lore

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

When the first Ant Man movie was announced, I already knew what I wanted to see.

Forget domestic abuse poster boy Hank Pym. Forget ex-con Scott Lang; instead, I wanted Stature.

Cassie Lang, Scott’s daughter, had at the time been enjoying her own turn as a teenage superhero. With the power to grow and shrink just like her dad, she was fighting alongside the Young Avengers, and was awesome.

Young Avengers
Source: Marvel

As much as the Young Avengers sounds like a dumb kiddy knock-off of the main series of heroes, they’re actually pretty awesome.

Imagine if Scarlet Witch’s teenage son, was dating a shapeshifting Skrull who dresses like a leatherbound pint-sized Hulk.

Or, if Captain America was either black or Latina, depending on the team’s roster at any given time.

Or even, if Hawkeye was actually useful. Kate Bishop will forever be the best Hawkeye.

Kate Bishop
Source: Marvel

Then there’s Cassie Lang; filled with frustration over her mother and stepfather’s hatred of superheroes, and desperate to do good. She’s a great character, and one that doesn’t show up enough in the comics (here’s hoping Marvel brings her back to tie in with a future movie).

All Grown Up

The Cassie Lang of the “Ant Man” is an adorable little girl who has a fondness for truly terrifying animatronic stuffed animals. She’s cute, but her inclusion had always seemed to signify that more was on the horizon.

Cassie Lang in Ant Man
Source: Marvel

Now, the character has been recast, as a teenage Cassie Lang will be heading to “Avengers 4”.

Emma Fuhrmann, the new actor to take on the role, is 16 years old, making her perfect to play Cassie in her superhero identity as Stature.

If we get this inclusion in “Avenger 4”, I will be so excited. I’m not even going to attempt a shred of professional detachment here; I want Stature in a film solely because I think she’s awesome.

In an ideal world, Fuhrmann would be the first character cast in a future “Young Avengers” movie, or better yet, a TV show – I’d want to see lots of these characters.

With many of the main series Avengers leaving the franchise in the coming year, now is a perfect time to bring in the Young Avengers in order to keep these mantles in place.

I want to see Patriot, Miss America Chavez, Wiccan, Hulkling, heck, even Kid Loki!

Come on, Marvel, do me a favor! Just make this movie and I’ll never say a bad thing about Tony Stank (not a typo) ever again!