Nick Jonas Went on a Date with Miss Universe

Matt Dekneef

Looks like that shirtless selfie is paying off. After all the compliments the Internet showered on it from every corner of the online cosmos, Nick Jonas was seen on a dinner date with none other than Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

The two dined together at Ovest Pizzoteca in New York City last week, an observer told E! News; the restaurant also confirmed they were present that night.

The 20-year-old Jonas Brother and 21-year-old beauty pageant victor were deep in conversation, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

“Nick was leaning in towards her across the table, like she was saying something really important,” the source told E!

They then left the restaurant hand-in-hand and “looked really happy when they talked together,” the source added. “Me and my friend both agreed they were, like, swinging their arms all happily.”

But as soon as they saw fans approaching, “they stopped holding hands.” Olivia separated from the singer, continuing to walk up the street, while he chatted with fans. She waited for him.

The two met at the 2013 Miss USA Pageant, which Nick hosted alongside Giuliana Rancic.

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