Nicki Minaj’s Topless Photo is Her Raciest Yet

Matt Dekneef

Nothing new here, but you should look anyway…

Nicki Minaj is topless.

In a new Instagram photo, the songstress airs out her girls for the camera, strategically covering each with her long locks of hair. She knows what gets the people talking.

Was this for a photo shoot? A new music video? Did a burglar break into her house, steal all her clothes, and this is really just a cry for help?

There’s no real explanation to take from this that could provide even a slight window of context as to her motivations. Then, just as you realize you’re spending 22 seconds too long analyzing this, you remember, oh, right, she’s Nicki Minaj. Situation solved.

Moral of the story: Don’t overthink this photo.

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