Now there’s a Smartwatch App to Make ‘Pokémon GO’ Even Easier


(Photo: Pokemon)

Pokémon trainers are an enterprising breed. When they’re not cracking open the game’s inner mechanics to find better ways to get the upper hand in battles, they’re coming up with ingenious new systems for locating nearby monsters to speed up capture.

In addition to sites like Pokévision and GeoPoke, and a notification app to let players know when rare creatures are available, the latest innovation in Pokéhunting technology is a companion app for Android smartwatches.


PokéDetector takes a lot of the hassle of checking your phone out of playing Pokémon, by alerting players immediately when a desired pocket monster is nearby. The advantage that the app has over other supplemental apps, though, is that as it can be used on a Smartphone, players don’t even need to take their phone out of their pocket to see what critter has popped up on the map.

The app will also display a map of your local area with little icons for each nearby Pokémon, meaning that players no longer have to worry about draining their battery life by constantly using their phones while playing the game.

That said, players should be warned – while Pokémon GO’s mobile data usage is relatively low for an app of its type, a lot of companion apps end up burning through internet data a lot faster – a problem that’s going to be of increasing concern as the game has now been released for almost a month.

The smartwatch app is a must-have for players, as an updated version of the official app has removed the feature to be able to seek out new Pokémon. That said, players looking to download a notification app should do so while they can, as Niantic have been shutting down any unofficial trackers they can find.