An Ode to Kristen Stewart in ‘Panic Room’

Madison Vanderberg

Kristen Stewart’s breakout role in Panic Room should honestly be studied in every acting class in Hollywood.

From her flawless menswear-inspired trench ensemble that she wore to the premiere,

to having the exact same haircut as Jodie Foster in the film,

this movie is truly a gem amongst the rubble of Hollywood’s past.

Let us remember the greatest moment in Kristen Stewart’s canon of film work: the glorious gifts of Panic Room.


Her delivery of “OH MY GOD.”


Her casually androgynous haircut/outfit/face et al.


Her total indifference to her mother’s love.


The amount of gel that was needed to pull off this hairstyle.


Her insistence on living IN the panic room.


The method acting that was going on in this scene.


Her love of pizza.


This face.


This tragic thing that happened.


These matching turtlenecks.


But seriously, this haircut, most of all.


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