Official “Stranger Things” Video Shows that Steve’s Life Sucks Without Nancy

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

“Stranger Things” season three is filming, and in celebration of this, Netflix has released a video featuring Joe Keery as Steve.

It seems that things have not gone fantastically for Steve since we last saw him. In season two, everyone’s favorite babysitter was panicking about college exams and worrying that he wouldn’t make the grade.

Then his girlfriend ran off with her stalker, and Steve’s was left to fend for himself. Bereft of other options, he seems to be stuck in the food court of the new local mall, selling ice creams in an adorable sailor’s outfit.

(Never mind the fact that working in an ice cream parlor is an awesome job. The little hat’s supposed to make this look more demeaning than it really is in real life.)

I wonder if this is all part of the plan for Steve’s character arc. If he’s now trapped in a dead-end job before rising higher by the end of season three.

I Scream, You Scream

Steve was the unexpected hero of season two, dishing out dating advice while also looking after a posse of unruly tweens. And getting beaten up by the Red Power Ranger, of course.

I get the feeling that the Duffer Brothers are planning to capitalize on Steve’s newfound popularity by triggering more pathos in the audience. Steve is the best, we all agree, but his demeaning outfit and mall job are classic tropes from ‘80s movies past that imply that his life isn’t going in the direction he wants it to.

Thus, we feel sorry for Steve, despite the fact that his job is literally to sell ice cream all day. Anyone who’s done this job knows that it’s often incredibly rewarding. Besides, it makes you the most popular person on the planet, because everyone loves ice cream.

A Typical Hawkins Romance

I also wonder if he’s going to end up dating his coworker, Robin, who also appears in the new video.

Under normal circumstances I’d prefer to assume that two characters of opposite genders wouldn’t necessarily end up romantically entwined, but the Duffer Brothers are painfully economic with female characters. Every girl in the story thus far has ended up being someone’s love interest.

Both Max and Nancy have been pursued by two boys apiece, because apparently Hawkins has an overwhelmingly male population. Possibly as a result of some creepy Department of Energy experiment.

So based on this short video, I suspect that Steve is probably going to be disappointed by his life in season three, as he overlooks the joys of ice cream. Then, he and Robin get caught up in some kind of scary happening, and they fall in love.

Because that’s literally what’s happened every other time a boy and a girl spend any time together on this show.

Or, maybe the Duffer Brothers will surprise us with something new and interesting this time.

Stranger things have happened.