Only You Can Stop James Cameron’s “Avatar” Sequels From Taking Over the World

Matthew Loffhagen
20th Century Fox
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Battle stations, people: this is not a drill. James Cameron has revealed a fatal weakness in his ridiculous upcoming “Avatar” movie franchise, and if we all pull together, we might just manage to stop the series before we’re forced to endure four more of these things.

At present, Cameron is part-way through filming the first in a series of “Avatar” sequels that will basically continue from now until the end of time. Initially, we’re going to be getting “Avatar 2” through “Avatar 5”, all of which Cameron intends to produce back to back over the coming years.

Five “Avatar” movies? That seems excessive, especially considering that nobody really, passionately liked the first one. The original “Avatar” is a lovely tech demo, and for about ten minutes it convinced the majority of movie theaters that expensive 3D screens were the future of cinema, but there’s really not enough substance to spawn four whole new movies.

Put simply, we just don’t care this much. Audiences don’t want to have to see these movies.

Avatar Blue
Source: 20th Century Fox

Luckily, there is a chance we might be spared from at least some of these films. According to Cameron, if “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3” both flop badly enough, he might reconsider his plan to spend up to a billion dollars filming these nightmares.

(A billion dollars?! Yeesh!)

Said Cameron:

“Let’s face it, if ‘Avatar 2’ and ‘3’ don’t make enough money, there’s not going to be a 4 and 5. They’re fully encapsulated stories in and of themselves. It builds across the five films to a greater kind of meta narrative, but they’re fully formed films in their own right, unlike, say, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, where you really just had to sort of go, ‘Oh, shit, all right, well I guess I better come back next year’. Even though that all worked and everybody did.”

You heard the man! If we all boycott “Avatar 2”, James Cameron might not bother making the rest of these movies!

Of course, this is fairly standard moviemaking procedure – this industry is a business after all – but it’s significant considering just how committed Cameron is at present to his vision of a future where “Avatar” movies come out like clockwork ever year.

If the director is genuinely looking to put a billion dollars into these films, he’s got to be expecting big things, and it’s hard to pull back from such a large endeavor if things start looking a little less than fantastic.

Basically, the Sunk Cost Fallacy may just mean that Cameron will want to go ahead with making all four “Avatar” sequels, even if it’s abundantly clear that nobody is interested in them.

There’s only one way to send a message to Cameron on this front: do not see “Avatar 2”.

Avatar monster
Source: 20th Century Fox

Luckily, this isn’t too hard to achieve. Just do the same thing you did, whatever it was, when “The Mummy” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and “Blade Runner 2049” were in theaters this year. Just ignore them. Let the marketing wash over you, and refuse to give in to the call to spend money on a movie you won’t actually enjoy very much.

If we all work together on this, we may only have to endure two or three “Avatar” sequels, instead of having billboards and commercials thrusting this franchise at us non-stop for the next decade.