Oprah’s Sassiest Facial Expressions

Matt Dekneef

Over her 25-year career, Oprah Winfrey has contributed a lot to society: notable interviews, amazing satin outfits, attention to some pretty fine books, and free cars for the entire population of a small island nation.

But nothing compares to her contributions to serving face.


1. The ‘Ooooh Guurl’


2. The ‘Nah-ah’

Great for when someone invites you to Red Lobster for dinner and you’re like, “Red Lobster? Nah-ah.”


3. The ‘Huhhh?’


4. The ‘Uh?’

When you’re so confused, you can’t even say the full “Huh?” and need to abbreviate it to just “Uh?”


5. The ‘Did I Do That?’


6. The ‘Say Whaaaaaat?’


7. The ‘Got My $500 Blowout In My Eye Again’


8. The ‘Oooh, Child’


9. The ‘Haaaaaaallelujah, Child’


10. The ‘Lemme Put My Shades On’


11. The ‘Just Come Right Out and Say It’


12. The ‘We’re Done Here’

“Halfway through this book and I already know how it’s going to end. Next chapter. Oprah’s Next Chapter.”


13. The ‘K, Relax, I Don’t Have All Day’


14. The ‘Life Is Good and I Know It’

Happy 60th, Oprah! Your expressions are the GIFt that keeps on GIFting.

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