Our First Look at Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Is Both Weird and Dull at the Same Time

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Nobody really knows what to think about Marvel’s Inhumans.

Once upon a time, it was a massive, big budget movie, with Vin Diesel attached to play the lead character (considering Black Bolt is incapable of speech, this seemed like the perfect role for Diesel and his wooden line delivery).

Then, with a change of Marvel leadership, Inhumans transformed into a television show for ABC, losing its lead actor, but inexplicably not giving up its big screen aspirations. Now, instead of being released as a large, big budget movie, the show will be a small budget television series that will also release for IMAX, presumably so that fans can see all the flaws in its janky CGI in perfect, unnerving clarity.

We’ve known for a while that Inhumans has been filming, and finally, we’ve been given a good look at the core cast of characters, with one notable exception.

Source: Marvel

Having now seen the team in all their Inhuman glory, it’s hard to be particularly excited about any element of what’s on display. They all look like a bunch of unenthusiastic, low budget cosplayers, who’ve thought that a bit of makeup and a big red wig would make up for their lack of effort.

It’s hard to imagine this team of characters being a compelling watch on a regular television, let alone in IMAX. The blonde Crystal’s “costume” simply looks like she shops at a store with a fondness for retro sixties clothing.

Perhaps, though, the team will look more impressive once the missing character is introduced. We know from filming leaks that Lockjaw, the team’s enormous teleporting dog, will be achieved through the power of CGI, and it might be that this element of the show will justify an IMAX release and make any of this worth watching.

Or, it’ll look awful, because this is a television show attempting to give prominence to a CGI giant dog.

Either way, maybe don’t get too excited for this one. Inhumans will need some phenomenal scripts to make up for these bizarrely bland character designs.

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