Our Government is Debating Whether Klingon is a Real Language

Logan Rapp
(Photo: OBSEV / Epic Times)

Star Trek fans are an interesting lot. Despite knowing that they have effectively lost the war between they and Star Wars fans, they aggressively believe in their chosen universe. To wit, when Paramount sued Axanar Porductions over its $1 million fan-funded Star Trek film, they claimed rights to the Klingon language. Enter the Language Creation Society, who wants to make Klingon a recognized language

In filing a 26-page amicus brief in US federal court, they challenge US District Court Judge Gary Klausner to rule that Klingon is a spoken language, and thus beyond Paramount's control. The brief gets… well, it gets very Trekkie, and incredibly pedantic with references to Klingon proverbs. 

The argument that the Society makes is simply that now that a language has grown to the point of wedding vows being spoken completely in Klingon, certification courses being offered for Klingon, and much more beyond what Paramount has done, it's quite obvious that Klingon has taken on a life of its own. "Feeling ownership and having ownership are not the same thing." Meanwhile, Paramount's lawyers are vexed at how crazy this case has become.

And somewhere, in Central California, Gary Klausner is opening a bottle of scotch, taking a very slow taste of it, and thinking back to 2014, when he didn't have a major conglomerate yelling at him in one ear, and a bunch of overly pedantic nerds yelling at him in the other. He remembers a time when no one was fighting over the language of a ficticious alien race. And he smiles. 


In the meantime, get ready for Bryan Fuller's new Star Trek TV show, set to shoot this fall.

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