Petition Started to Fire Ben Affleck from Superman Sequel

Madison Vanderberg

Just hours after it was announced that Ben Affleck was to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, an uproar occurred on the Internet. Apparently thousands feel that Affleck doesn’t have the chops to portray the caped crusader, so the collective Internet drafted a petition, which already has 15,500 signatures (AND COUNTING!) in favor of Ben Affleck getting fired from the role. 

That’s 15,000 people who desperately don’t want Ben playing Bruce Wayne/Batman for the following reasons they list in grave detail:

-“His acting skill is not even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne.”

-“He won’t do the role justice.”

-“He’s not built.”

-“His portrayal of Daredevil was atrocious”

-“He’s not remotely close to an action star.”

Did you hear that Warner Bros? He’s not even “remotely” close to having the “acting skill” required to brood and growl like the great Sir Christian Bale. Didn’t you see Daredevil, Hollywood!

Of course, is the OFFICIAL site for signing petitions, yet zero out of zero of them ever cause any real change, but WHATEVER. Let’s all keep signing it because poor Ben Affleck isn’t already dealing with some of the lowest self-esteem in Hollywood…remember Gigli, Jersey Girl, Daredevil, or Paycheck?

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