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Pizza Delivery Drivers Describe An Unorthodox Delivery They’ve Once Made

Pizza Delivery Drivers Describe An Unorthodox Delivery They’ve Once Made January 30, 2020Leave a comment

Everyone loves a hot pizza, especially when it's delivered straight to your door. Pizza delivery drivers may just be the great unsung heroes of our generation. They bring the people what they need no matter the weather, the time, or the neighborhood. But despite their ever-increasing importance in our lives, they don't always get to see the best sides of the population.

Sometimes, people order pizzas when they're not quite in their right minds. These drivers have seen it all: they've escaped near-certain death, they've witnessed chaos, and they've even saved lives. So read the stories, experience the highs and the lows, and seriously, tip your pizza delivery drivers. They really deserve more credit than they get.


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#1 I Guess They Got Paid


My worst stop was pathetic, really. I knocked on the door and heard a kid yell, "I GOT IT!" He opened the door and ran up the stairs, yelling to his friends: "The pizza guy's here! The pizza guy's here!" A crowd of about eight pre-teens at the top of the stairs started throwing change down the stairs at me to pay for the delivery.

I asked if they could hand me the money, and they just laughed and kept throwing the change. So I picked up the bag of food and winged it up to them. It hit the wall, and I split. I told the boss what happened and that if they ever called to complain, I wouldn't give them the time of day. I found out later that he did get a call and he told them to get stuffed. Good boss.

Credit: AmishHoeFights

#2 Everything Is Fake

Town Squared

I delivered to an area outside of a town on a dirt road with tall trees. Every “house” was basically just plywood shacks. There were broken down cars and trash everywhere. The entire neighborhood just reeked of a B-horror film. I found the right house and walked up to the “door” which was actually just a doorway with a blanket covering it. I then yelled “Pizza!”

A haggard-looking man wearing boxers and a dirty white tank came to the door. Something felt wrong as he handed me a bill that looked like it had been washed. I held the $100, with old Ben Franklin’s face on it, up to the light and could clearly see Abe Lincoln on the paper. They had ordered around $50 worth of pizza and wanted change.

He tried convincing me that he went to the bank and they gave him that bill. I asked him why the wrong face was on there and he said that was how they did it. I didn't accept the money and instead drove away with the food as fast as I could. We stopped taking orders from people who live in areas that don't have street roads.

Credit: wecinpizza

#3 So Awkward


Someone ordered pizzas to a funeral. There were A TON of people there, all somber and dressed in black while I rolled up in my bright red, greasy T-shirt. Definitely one of the most awkward experiences I've had. The one good thing about it was that I got tipped pretty nicely. I said my condolences and then got straight out of there.

Credit: nerdyhoe

#4 He Was Too Slow


My husband delivered a pizza to an older woman who ended up dying during the time it took for him to get there. He said he showed up as they were loading her up into an ambulance and the family was standing around watching. He didn't know what to do, so he gave it to one of the family members (who paid for it) and left.

Credit: Mrs0Murder

#5 Just Saved Your Own Life

Her Campus

I didn’t end up delivering the pizza, but the address led to an abandoned house. It was around dusk and the house was so obviously uninhabited. I could see trees growing through the windows and the backside of the property was crumbling so badly I could see to the backyard from the street. The instructions given said to “come around back.”

I double-checked the address after locking my doors and called the customer a couple of times. Then, I called the store and told them what was up before heading back out. I mean seriously, who would have been dumb enough to go to the back of that house? My boss eventually told us not to accept orders from that area ever again.

Credit: Alchemic_Art

#6 Smart Lady


My sister got to a house and called the number to tell the customer her pizza had arrived. A cell phone lit up in the gangway between the delivery address and the next house. Some idiot was waiting to rob her and he had his phone out. She immediately called the cops to report suspicious activity and went straight back to the pizza shop.

Credit: penisland85

#7 Even Porch-Dwellers Need Pizza


I once delivered a pizza to a guy living under his porch. I drove up to the house and it was pitch black. There were no lights on. I looked at the ticket and it said to: "Use the back door" I climbed the steps and found nothing. Then, I heard a voice from below me saying, "Hey, down here." I looked under the porch and there was a small door leading into what looked like a makeshift apartment. I had to actually crouch to get to it. I gave the guy the pizza and bounced out of there.

Credit: CallHimIshmael

#8 What Does That Mean?

Prime Partners

In the ‘special instructions’ on the receipt said: “Watch out for Mexicans under the porch.” There were no Mexicans. There wasn’t even a porch. I don't know if those instructions were a warning or some sort of code that stood for something, but it was definitely one of the most unique entries we ever received for an order.

Credit: noddingham

#9 The Last Delivery


I once delivered a pizza to a house where the customers tried to pull me in the house. They were throwing a party so everyone was tipsy. I was slightly traumatized by the whole situation because there must have been around a dozen people at the door, tugging and pulling at my arms and clothes. Not coincidently, it was the last delivery I ever made.

Credit: Lozzif

#10 Big Rig

Freight Waves

I delivered a pizza to a trucker in his rig. He berated me for having a single nose piercing and colored hair, so I just dropped off his order and left. Then the man called out to me and said: “Can I ask you a silly question?” I ignored him and still went on my way. He later ended up calling the store, asking for me to return and bring him a specific sauce packet. My manager said no and had me stay in the store with the crew until it was time to leave.

Credit: tacobellquesoritos

#11 Sad And Scary

The DNA Geek

Every hoarder house I ever delivered to. Honestly, I feel for those folks, there’s usually a mental issue that starts it. Sometimes it’s just learned behavior. Either way, it’s still just sad to me.


#12 All The Pizza For All The People


I used to deliver pizzas part-time in a not so nice part of town. I remember having regular deliveries to an adult book store. My 18-year-old mind was blown the first time I went in and saw all the paraphernalia hanging on the walls. Another time, I delivered to a room at a hot sheet motel. That one blew my mind even more.

Credit: Spacelord_MothaMotha

#13 Yep, You Almost Died

Wildlifers TV

There was this one house that made my heart stop every time it came up, which was thankfully rare. Call it instinct or energy or whatever,  but I hated that house. And because there was only two of us, and I was 20 years younger than the other guy, it was usually me who delivered. It was the only house on a single-lane road.

To give you an idea of the dissonance here, the nearest major road consisted of a new McMansion development within one mile, and a sleepy little 1950s-style, cookie-cutter suburbia development a mile in the other direction. It'd be really easy to mistake this road for an access road, especially with how heavily overgrown that area had become.

Once you got on this little road, the first twenty feet or so seemed absolutely normal. It was only after you turned the bend where the road turned to gravel that things went crazy. There were naked store mannequins covered in paintball splatter with BB guns tied to their hands. There were also signs every five or ten feet that read: "NO TRESPASSING," "PRIVATE PROPERTY," "CCTV RECORDING IN PROGRESS," and "YOU ARE BEING WATCHED."

I got to the gate and called the customer, only be told to not approach the house under any circumstances and to not leave the vicinity of my car. There I was, a 24-year-old woman deep into the woods at some psycho's house-fort with terrible reception on my phone, just trying to deliver a pizza. So, I got out of my car, took out the pizza bag, and leaned against the side of my car, hoping that I wouldn't end up on the nightly news. Out walked a guy who was dressed like he just came off a Men in Black film set. He took his pizza and wings, tipped me five dollars, and instructed me how to turn my car around.

Credit: Ayjia

#14 Dude, Give Back Your Grandma's Cell Phone


I worked at Dominos and we had to blacklist a guy because he was obsessed with me. He would come in and constantly ask if I was there. If I wasn't working that day, he would just show up the next. If I was on a delivery, he'd wait around in the store for me. He would tell me that he loved me and ask me out on dates. The last time I delivered to his house, he ordered about $40 worth of food and drinks, then kept trying to hand me a $100 bill even though I told him numerous times I didn't have the change.

Credit: dunawaysrer7116

#15 The Shining?


I was a pizza delivery guy in the late '90s. I was sent over to a really sketchy neighborhood to drop off some pizzas at an old house on a hill. The house was Victorian with a bunch of stone statues that lined a gravel walkway to the front entrance. When I got to the front door, there was no doorbell—just a door knocker that was shaped like an imp's head.

I knocked on the door and a few seconds later, two little kids answered the door. They were twin girls with jet black hair. They just stood there and stared at me while their mom came rushing to the front with her money. The mom looked visibly distressed, but she paid me and sent me immediately on my way, with some sense of urgency. I did one more turn around as I walked away, and when the mom was closing the door, the twins were still there, standing side by side, staring me down.

Credit: just_a_big_frog

#16 And Your Boss Was Mad?

The Golf Club

The most messed up pizza delivery I ever experienced was when a woman answered the door with her huge Siamese cat. I love that breed, so I asked if I could pet him. She said yes, so I bent down to do so. The cat purred and rubbed against me. Then, as I stood up to finish giving the lady her pizza, the cat lunged up at me and bit my right eye. It wrapped all four of its limbs around my head and I started to panic. What was going on?! Why wasn’t this lady helping me?

I grabbed the demon cat by its front legs and just ripped him off of me. I threw that cat down and started freaking out at the amount of blood that started pouring out of my gash. The woman brought me into her house and put a towel on. I told her she needed to take me to the emergency room or call 911.

After all, it was her cat who attacked me. She drove me to a minor ER place. I got stitches and a tetanus shot. She footed the bill. I never delivered to her again. My boss wasn’t happy that I missed the rest of the night, or had another order in my car. Forget that cat.

Credit: ApocolaTrish

#17 Not What They Expected

Discover Pods

One night, I had to deliver a pizza to a pretty rural area. A lot of my deliveries are in rural areas, so it was no big deal. But it was drizzling, so I was having trouble finding the address of the house I was looking for. I rolled down the passenger window and used my flashlight, pointing it at mailboxes, trees, posts,  anything that somebody might have their address posted on at the end of their driveway.

At some point, the beam caught a guy wearing a black hoodie at the end of an obviously long gravel road staring directly at me. I thought nothing of it; he could have just been on the phone or something. Then, it got weirder—I finally found the address, pulled into the driveway and hopped out of the car. That's when I got the sinking feeling.

No cars, no house light. Boarded up windows as well. If you've ever been a delivery person, you would know that would be the time to get out of there. Right as I was about to jump back in the car, throw it into reverse and nope out of there, I saw a man walking across the empty field adjacent to the property towards me.

Now I'm a pretty burly, bearded dude, so I don't worry a whole lot on deliveries, but this scared the heck out of me. When he got closer, I saw him very obviously tucking something into his waistband. He then said in a thick, menacing southern accent, "I thought you were the law." I meekly pointed to my car topper and the pizza in my hand and he said in the nicest voice ever:

"Oh, great! Thank you so much! Have a great night!" He paid me, then proceeded to walk back through the open field, in the direction of no buildings, completely soaked in the rain, with his pizza. For the rest of my shift, I couldn't stop whispering "What. The. Heck." It was definitely the strangest thing that's ever happened to me.

Credit: BeigePhD

#18 Illegal Activity


I delivered pizzas to a house a few times. It was always obvious that the guys there were dealing, but it never bothered me as they usually tipped well. This one time, I got there, rang the bell and a baggy of some illicit substance slipped under the door. Not sure what to do, I decided to kick it back under the door and leave.

Credit: Noite_Etion

#19 Lots Of Issues


It was my first time delivering to a huge mansion that was renowned for big tips. You had to go around the back to a gate leading to the pool patio. The guy who answered the gate doorbell had been disfigured in some horrible accident. He had me wait while he got his wallet, so I got a good dose of the backyard where a raging party was going on. There was craziness in the pool, bottles everywhere, and it was like, midday on a Wednesday.

The guy finally came back, addressed me by name and said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” I realized he must have known me from before he got hurt. I stammered out a weak, “No, I don’t.” His response blew me away—he recalled being in first grade with me at a local Catholic school I attended for a year.

Then, he went on in detail about everything he remembered what happened in that class that year: the people, teachers, activities, etc. Apparently, his accident happened the following summer when he went through a windshield in a head-on with a semi. I delivered there a few more times, and hung out chatting with him as long as I could.

It slowly became clear that the party crowd was just using him for his money. That was messed up enough, but what I also eventually realized was that he was mentally stuck in that last normal year he had lived and, 20 years later, had moved back as soon as he was old enough to access the accident settlement. I had no idea how to help him.

Eventually, I started letting other drivers take that run. I never saw him again, even though it’s a small town. Eventually, he stopped ordering pizza and then I left for a job elsewhere. I would pass by his house occasionally when visiting while my parents still lived there. Fewer and fewer cars were parked out front every time I went by, and the house slowly became overgrown with ivy.

Credit: BrianNotBrad

#20 Too Bad Pizza Didn't Get There Earlier


At the mouth of Provo Canyon, on the way down from Sundance and Heber City, UT, there was a compound that housed a school for teenagers who rebelled. These were kids who screwed up big time, and their Mormon parents sent them from all over the country to get "fixed" I'd have to deliver there about once a month.

Parents would feel guilty and send their kid a pizza, which they typically paid for with a credit card. The kids, hating their parents, would often put like a $50 tip onto a $15 pizza. After a while, the store manager made it a rule that any tip had to be approved by the parents placing the order because he'd gotten too many irate parents call in about their kids' smart-aleck tips.

Anyway, you had to get buzzed into the main room through a set of double security doors. The guys that worked there were all like, 6'2", 250 pounds, and ripped. One time, I went in with like, ten pizzas for the entire group, and one of the guys said, "ALL OF YOU STEP AWAY FROM THE DOOR!" He looked at me and told me to approach.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. All of a sudden, three of the kids attacked the dude. The dude was some kind of a Chuck Norris prodigy. They took swings at him with objects from the room and he just blocked them with his arms until he could punch back. Then, he dropped all three of them with shots to the chest, hitting them so hard that they couldn't breathe anymore.

I stood there and blinked while he restored calm, telling them, "We didn't need this, guys," and "I don't like doing this, but you attacked me. I'm here to help you, but if you use violence to get what you want, you'll have a very tough time here. I'm choosing to not call the police over this." I got out of there as fast as I could.

Credit: wuapinmon

#21 How Did He Know?


I had a delivery to a normal address, but two blocks away from it, a guy on a bike flagged me down, asked if I was a delivery guy, then said it was for him when I confirmed that I was. He gave me his phone number and it was his order. We didn't have those signs on the top of our car, and I was in a busy suburb, so I have no clue how he knew it was me.

Credit: diabeticfunk

#22 Whoops


My GPS led me to my city's hospital. After getting directions from a lot of employees, I finally found the room. I'll admit now, I really should've paid more attention to the signs, but I was in a rush and didn't bother. Luckily, there was a nurse already in this lady's room. I was just going to walk in and drop the food off when the nurse started shaking her hands. "No, no, no, you can't come in here. This is isolation."

"Oh I'm sorry, she ordered this pizza for delivery."

She went back into the room and asked the lady to confirm and I heard the lady say yes. I overheard the nurse tell her, "You should've told me."

The nurse came back to me to grab the food and told me that if I had walked in the room, I would not be let back out or something along those lines. That threw me for a loop. I will pay more attention now. I promise.

Credit: Imtooshorttodunk

#23 Different Types Of Bad


We had a regular that was saved in the computer as "Mike from around the corner." Whenever I delivered to him, he was super messed up. On more than one occasion, I had to let myself in because he was playing his drum set with his headphones on, completely sloshed. One time, he was passed out and drooling on the coffee table. I called the cops, but he was okay. I saw him a year later at his day job and he didn’t even know who I was. He was never sober when I delivered to him.

Credit: deldertime

#24 Good Host?


I worked as a delivery driver for a very small Italian restaurant during my first semester of college. This one time, I delivered pizza to a swingers party. It wasn't like, on the set of an X-rated movie or anything. But the guy ordered 12 pizzas and told me that he was attending his first swingers party. He just wanted to be sure everyone was having a good time.

Credit: tttttodayjr

#25 Poor Lady, Good Delivery


One of our regular clients was an old lady in a nursing home who thought it was the 1940s or something. She was super nice, but nobody would deliver to her because she would only tip like, 25 cents. It's not her fault, though; she was just living way in the past. I still loved to sit down and talk with her, and I always volunteered to do it. The nurses would pay the tip if they saw me but usually, I only got a quarter.

Her delusional state was heartbreaking, she was, for the most part, lucid aside from not realizing what year it was. She'd give me makeup tips, she LOVED to talk about men and she always told me stories about her husband. But she also always seemed unsure of where he was because she never mentioned him dying or if he visited her.

Credit: SlytherinAhri

#26 Nice Ones

Rough Maps

I once delivered to an older woman who told me to come in through the side door. The food was about $34 and she handed me what I thought was $40. I got back into my car and realized she actually gave me $60 and two of the $20 bills were just stuck together. I went back into her house to let her know and she said, "Oh I know, it's for gas and whatever else you might need." I always remember that lady because it was just such a random nice thing to do and really made my day.

Credit: redsoxnets5

#27 Weird And Scary


I started a job delivering pizza for a local joint for some extra cash. It was my first week at the job so I was still getting to grips with how they operated. I ended up making a delivery in the middle of the day to a guy who lived in the town. When I rocked up there was DayGlo paint all across the letterbox and the outside of the house.

Thought to myself, "Hmm, this is a little bit strange." I wd-ent and knocked on the door with the order only to have a middle-aged, shirtless hippy with a bung eye emerge. He looked flustered and slightly off-kilter, which should have been the first sign something was up. After telling him the cost of the pizza, he began to run around erratically trying to find his wallet.

I stood there for about five minutes, patiently waiting on the outside but also wanting to get the heck out of there on the inside. "Do you take credit card," he asked after finally finding his wallet. "Nah, just cash" I replied with a nervous tone. "Right, you'll need to take me to an ATM then won't ya," he said. Without mustering up a reply, he proceeded to jump into the front passenger's seat of my car and just sit there, waiting for me to drive him.

I didn't know what to do, so I just nervously got in my car and proceeded to drive him to the nearest ATM which was only two minutes up the road. The reason for his erratic behavior soon revealed itself as he began to open up to me about how he "always believed in the healing nature of a strong dose of various illicit substances to be better than any traditional medicine." I sped as fast as I could to the ATM to get the guy out of my car as soon as possible.

We arrived at the ATM in no time. He proceeded to jump out of the car and spent about ten minutes just staring blankly at the ATM, before finally putting his card in and withdrawing the money. I took his money, threw the pizza at him as fast as I could, jumped in my car and took off, glad to be finally done with that situation.

When I arrived back at the shop, my boss pulled me aside with a confused look in her eye. "Calmstrong, did you just take the delivery to this address?"

"Yeah" I responded sheepishly.

"'Cause the guy just called and said you stole his credit card and had been planning to withdraw his life savings."

"Jesus Christ," I thought to myself before the phone rang again. It was the gas station I had just been to where the guy had withdrawn the money from. They said: "Yeah, there is some guy here running around in a frenzy. He is furious because one of your drivers has allegedly stolen his card." I never even touched his card and couldn't believe this was happening in my first week.

Luckily, as I was explaining the situation to the gas station owner over the phone, the guy kept hooting and hollering in the background about how I stole his card. Then, suddenly, the guy just stopped freaking out and sprinted off into the bushes never to be seen again. And from that point onwards, I always locked my car doors straight after getting out of my car.

Credit: Calmstrong

#28 So It Wasn't His Pizza?

Stay At Base

I drove to the customer’s house and saw that a guy was being handcuffed by the police in the front yard. I had no idea what to do so I drove around a neighboring block a few times. When I came back, the police and the handcuffed guy were gone. I didn’t know if he was the customer or not, so I just walked up to the door and knocked. An old couple answered, took the pizza and paid without saying anything about the arrest that happened on their lawn. It was in a city with an extremely low crime rate as well, so it was all very strange to 17-year-old me.

Credit: crazydaisy8134

#29 All For No Tip?


I delivered pizzas to a church. It was an $834 order and I delivered solo in the rain. I schlepped all those pizzas for a good 30 minutes back and forth from my truck to the alter got soaking wet all for no tip.

Credit: IVlorphine

#30 That's A Lot Of Wine


We had this old lady who ordered pizza everyday with some chicken wings and two bottles of wine. She stopped ordering five months ago and when we drove by her apartment, we realized she was not living there anymore. We hoped it was because she was in therapy and not because she went lifeless. Her place wasn't that messy, but the smell of our wings still remind me of this sad human, drinking herself to her demise.

Credit: fuchur7

#31 Kingpins Like Pizza


A good friend of mine delivered pizzas in college. He told me about a time when he left a guy's house and was swarmed by cops a few blocks away. After intense interrogation and proving he was solely a pizza delivery guy, they let him know that the house he had just delivered to was under surveillance. Apparently, the guy inside was believed to be a kingpin in Knoxville.

Credit: SteveHeaves

#32 This Happened Every Saturday?


There was a guy who would order every Saturday during the day and try to fight me. I'd knock and it would be completely silent, with no indication anyone even lived there. But the second I knocked again, whether it was 30 seconds or several minutes, he'd rip the door open and jump up in my face, screaming: "I SAID JUST A MINUTE, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?"

Credit: QuadrumanousCuddler

#33 Only Silence

Epic Times

I delivered for Dominos in college and had to go to a house in a bad part of town. There were no lights on at all outside and the grass looked like it hadn’t been cut in months. I had to use my phone flashlight to find my way to the door. I knocked and this elderly woman answered wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt. She had one eye that was good and one that was completely glazed over.

She never said a word and kept eye contact with me the entire time that she fumbled through her wallet. Meanwhile, inside there was a very large man and a little kid. They were both only wearing boxers and the kid kept trying to run up to help the woman with the sodas and pizza. The guy kept yelling at him to sit down. All the while, the woman was silent, just staring into my soul. I wish I could say it was a one time deal, but no. I delivered there a few more times after that and it was the exact same drill every time. Just felt like something from The Twilight Zone.

Credit: Havic000

#34 Thug Life?


In high school, I delivered pizza in a pretty bad part of town. One time, I made a delivery to an apartment complex that was known for being really ghetto. I knocked on the door and a giant of a guy finally came to the door. He was probably six and a half feet tall and had muscles like LeBron James. He had on a red bandana, red shoes, no shirt, and jeans that sagged, revealing red boxers. His entire torso was covered in tattoos, many of which appeared to be the same sequence of letters in different styles.

I told him the price and he pulled a huge roll of bills from his pocket. I'm talking like, three inches in diameter. The guy took a few seconds to free the mass from his pocket. He took a rubber band off of it and started flipping through. Eventually, he pulled two twenties from the roll and handed them to me. I asked if he wanted his change and he just stared at me for about 30 seconds.

I was about to repeat the question (even though he definitely heard me, considering we were about two feet apart) when he pulled another twenty from the roll and handed it to me. I looked at him in disbelief for a second and then thanked him. He nodded, shut the door, and I heard about five locks being latched.

Credit: DeadFIIL

#35 Why Was He So Interested?


On my first day on the job, I had a delivery at a trailer park. I got to the guy's trailer and rang the doorbell. As soon as I rang it, I heard a bunch of movement on the other side of the door. However, he didn't open the door. I stood there for about two minutes before ringing again. That only made the movement more frantic. After another thirty seconds or so, the door opened.

I can very clearly remember what I saw. It was an older guy, maybe 50 to 60 years old. He was quite large and had on thigh-high black socks and boxers. He had paid with card, so I just needed a signature. He signed and I handed over the pizza. I noticed that he put $0 on the tip line and thought, "Oh well, no tip."  But after he signed, as I started to walk away, he told me to wait because he has a tip for me.

I stayed on the porch while he disappeared inside. He was gone for almost five minutes, and I was considering telling him not to worry about it when he finally came back. In his hand, he had a stack of two-dollar bills. He very slowly took one off the stack and handed it to me. He took so long to extend his arm that I thought it was a strange joke. When I finally got ahold of the bill, I thanked him and went to leave, but he told me to wait...

He then repeated the extraordinarily slow process with the next bill in the stack. And then the next, and the next, and the next. Five two-dollar bills in total. As I was leaving, he asked for my name and I told him it was Alex (which was a lie because this dude was weird). After that, our store occasionally got calls asking if Alex was working and when we said no, the person would just hang up. I'm really glad I didn't give him my real name.

Credit: DeadFIIL

#36 It Ends Well

Wallpaper Flare

I was working a morning shift. Around 10:30 AM, I got a delivery to an apartment. Everything seemed legit since it was day time and there were lots of people close by. I knocked on the door and after 30 seconds or so, the door opened a few inches. The guy remained behind the door, so I only saw his face.

I still didn’t think it was weird because people sometimes do that when they’re trying to restrain a dog. He asked me to put the pizza on the stove behind him, and he moved back so I could see where the stove was. I hesitated a second and decided not to do it. I told him I couldn’t enter homes but that I didn’t mind waiting until he was ready to take the pizza.

He asked again, saying “It’s RIGHT there,” so I gave the same answer, really apologetic. Something wasn’t feeling right—I realized later how quiet it was; it didn’t sound like there was an excited dog back there. So he opened the door wide open and was completely naked. And this guy was at least 60 years old and like, six feet tall.

I tried to hand him the pizza and gave him the total, averting my eyes the whole time. He wouldn’t give me the money. He kept asking me to repeat the total and moved into my line of vision. I just took a step back and looked straight up. Eventually, he gave me $25 and I got out of there. The next day, he ordered another pizza. When the driver got back, he said he had to wait at least two minutes and when the guy answered he was only wearing sweatpants. He was sure he would do it again to a girl driver, so the guy got blacklisted.

Credit: RaineBearNW

#37 Creepy Kid

Thought Catalog

I delivered pizza for about two months. I got an address I have never even heard of. I had never been there and my GPS wasn't making sense. There was a house on the right but all I saw was a mailbox and a big tree. I had to turn my car sideways off the road to focus my high beam on what was behind the tree. I saw a small house; likely a one-bedroom. I thought to myself carrying two large pizzas, why would a tree be in front of the house?

Anyway, I knocked on the door and a nice blonde lady opened it. I told her I had her pizza. She told me to put the two pizzas on a small counter while she got her change. It was like a small table counter where you could put keys onto when you walk into the house. I thought to myself, it's only three feet away, max. Plus the door is wide open. So, as I came in, I put the two large pizzas on the counter.

As I put the pizzas on the counter, I saw the lady looking in her purse for change. Suddenly the door slammed behind me! A child, maybe around two or three years old, was in front. All I remembered was the back of my hair stood up as the little boy was looking at me with an eye patch. Then, the kid touched my shoulder and said he had pink eye. I got out of there so fast that as I was leaving, my car scraped the sidewalk. At least I got a six-dollar tip.

Credit: Lusterkx2

#38 Sounds Like A Party

Make Up Bees

I wasn't delivering pizza. It was fancy pastries, to a mansion in Benedict Canyon, at the crack of dawn. There were a bunch of partying, naked, middle-aged women. They didn't tip.

Credit: SleepyZuchini

#39 Nice Either Way


One of my first deliveries was to a bunch of brand new apartment complexes. It was a super nice area and also super expensive. It took me forever to find because they had yet to be marked properly on the GPS. I finally found it after like, twenty minutes. There was a huge party going on when I arrived. I knocked on the door and a guy answered. He was really nice and asked how much I wanted for my tip. I told him that I wasn't allowed to say how much I wanted, so he proceeded to try and give me $40. I told him I would get in trouble for taking that much, so he gave me $50 instead. I couldn't argue with that. I was pretty happy.

Credit: darth--chungus

#40 The SWAT Team Didn't Want The Pizza?


While I was in undergrad, I worked as a pizza delivery driver. I had to make a delivery in a dodgy part of the town. When I got within a couple of miles of the residence, a local sheriff's deputy got in front of me. We made all the same turns. Then, as we got closer, another got in front of him and one behind me. I start freaking out a bit.

Finally, we all got to the same residence, which was totally surrounded by police in riot gear. I got out with my pizza and discovered the house I was supposed to deliver the pizza to was the one with SWAT out in front. One of the officers waved me off and said, "He's not going to need that today." They then proceeded to breach the door, and I immediately returned to the car with a free pizza. They were added to our "do not deliver" list but I don't think we ever heard from them again.

Credit: johnboy2978

#41 Good Timing


When I was in college, I delivered pizzas. One time, I arrived at an address and noticed that the neighbor's house was about to catch fire. I say “about” because the fence attached to the house was up in flames and they were already licking the eves. I ran up to the front door and rang the doorbell. I knocked and yelled, but nothing. So I called the fire department.

Then, I ran to the house next door, pulled off their hose, ran to the other side of the house on fire, attached it, and started spraying the fire. I had most of it out when the fire department arrived, and they finished the job. As they were spraying it down, a 20-year-old girl came out of the house with two 14-year-old girls.

The police interrogated the girls about what had happened. Apparently, the 20-year-old was babysitting the younger ones and was scared to open the door. Earlier that night, the two younger girls had broken up with their boyfriends and, with the babysitter's help, set fire to pictures of their ex-boyfriends in the trashcan outside. The trashcan just happened to be up against the wood fence that was beside the house.

I delivered the pizza next door and went on with my shift. A week later, their parents stopped by the store looking for me and gave me a $50 gift card to a local mall to say thank you for saving their kids from a fiery inferno of death. The babysitter, on the other hand, got fired and was never trusted in that neighborhood ever again.

Credit: emusteve

#42 Makes Sense


My first time ever in an adult club was because of my delivery job. When I got there, I walked up to the door and nobody was waiting. The bouncer then opened the door and ushered me to come inside, since it was cold out. I gladly did. I delivered pizzas there multiple times afterward and always made good tips.

Credit: darth--chungus

#43 Nice Offer, Though


I delivered pizzas to a massive frat party right outside campus one day. They were actually pretty cool and tried to get me to pledge to them. I declined and explained that I worked full time on top of 18 hours of classes, so they just tipped me a beer and a few bucks. I would deliver pizzas there often and eventually became friends with the guys.

Credit: darth--chungus

#44 Pretty Lucky

Need Pix

We have people calling outside the delivery range all the time. We leave it up to drivers to decide whether it’s too far or not. This one dude who was obviously partying called us up, wanting to order like $100 of pizza and drinks. However, he lived like an hour-ish away. It was pretty late, but he told us he’d give a $50 tip to whoever delivered, so we drew straws and away my friend went.

He got there and there was a huge party in a huge house. The people obviously had money—big driveway, nice cars, the whole deal. The guy came out and tried to give him $50 for the tip, but his dad rushed over and told him that was rude. He broke out two hundred dollar bills and told him to keep the $50. My buddy made $390 in tips that night.

Credit: darth--chungus

#45 Not Even Crazy Anymore


The guy at the door slowly opened it, armed with a weapon. I asked him if he had ordered pizza, and his reply was like, "Oh yeah, I just wasn't sure that it was you!"

Credit: Fritzkreig, Source