Post-Baby Kim Kardashian Surfaces in New Video

Matt Dekneef

We’re warning you now, you’re probably going to hate yourself for clicking this article because what we have here is a measly 3-second video of Kim Kardashian in a Keek video.

Yes, Keek, which is just another social media tool you’ll have to get used to after you literally just learned what a Vine is.

Kim was feeling less private that usual today (she’s been largely silent and offline since she gave birth to daughter North West about 7 weeks ago) and finally turned a camera on herself to take this earth-shattering video.

Again, it’s only 3 seconds, but it’s also POST-BABY Kim Kardashian, on camera, giving us some POST-BABY TONGUE, a tongue that appears to have lost ALL the baby weight in record time.

Watch the video here:

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